Diana Nicholette Jeon

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It Doesn't Always Show on the Ourtside I, May 2014 Mobile Photo And Mobile Painting 21x17 © diana nicholettejeon
ke ‘aka o ka li’ula/mirage , 2006 Installation: Pvc Pipe, Organiza, Digital Imaging With Slide Projection, 'Islands' Fabricated From Disintegrated Hotel Soaps And Dead Blossoms From Handmade Orchid Lei, 'Hotels' Fabricated From Kitakata Paper And Wood, Lights, Speakers, Sensors, Cd Player 13' Diameter X 8' Height © diana nicholette jeon
ke ‘aka o ka li’ula/mirage, 2006 Installation: Pvc Pipe, Organiza, Digital Imaging With Slide Projection, 'Islands' Fabricated From Disintegrated Hotel Soaps And Dead Blossoms From Handmade Orchid Lei, 'Hotels' Fabricated From Kitakata Paper And Wood, Lights, Speakers, Sensors, Cd Player 13' Diameter X 8' Height © diana nicholette jeon
Untitled (work in process), 2012 Mixed Media/Digital 17 X 20 © diana nicholette jeon
#1 from the "Beach Series", 2012 Digitally Manipulated Photography © diana nicholette jeon
Cornered, 2011 Printmaking 18 X 24 © diana jeon
The Garden of Money, 2003 Mixed Media 24 X 36 © diana jeon
Maybe if I close my eyes and click three times it will all just go away..., April 2014 Manipulated Photography © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Nature Girl, December 2014 Manipulated Photography 24 X 18 X 2 Inches © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Help! It's Getting Crowded in Here! #1, November, 2014 Manipulated Photography © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Bodies in Motion #1, March 2015 Manipulated Photography © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Masked Girl, 12/2014 Photography 24" H X 18" W © diana nicholette jeon
It Really IS All About Me..., 2015 Manipulated Photography
Anguish, 2014 Pinhole I Phoneography © diana nicholette jeon all rights reserved.
Right Wall of Exhibition as Installed, August 8, 2015 Manipulated Photography © diananicholettejeon
Huli Makai, 11/2015 Mixed Media Encaustic 12" X12" © diana nicholette jeon
I try to hide but they see right through me, 8/2015 Photography 12"X12"X1.5" © diana nicholette jeon
Nature Girl, 2015 Photography © diana nicholette jeon
I, Orfeo VII, 10/2015 Photography 16"H X 12"W © diana nicholette jeon
I, Orfeo X, 10/2015 Photography 16"H X 12"W © diana nicholette jeon
Socially Speaking: Hat, July 2016 Manipulated Mobile Photography 16"W X 20"H © diana nicholette Jeon
Kick 1, June 2016 Mobile Photography 16"H X 20"W © diana nicholette Jeon
I, Orfeo, Book 9, 2016 Photography © diana nicholette jeon
Ka Wikiwiki Nuha 'O Ka Lā (or, "Hina laments the sun's behavior"), 2016 Photography, Pigment Print, Encaustic, Wood 22"H X 18"W © diana nicholette jeon
Stroke, May 2016 Mobile Photo 16"H X 20"W © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Untitled (Chappaquiddick 1), 2016 Mobile Photography 6 X 6 Inches © Diana Nicholette Jeon
Yellow Girl v1, 2015 Manipulated Mobile Photography 16" X 16" X 1 5/8" © Diana Nicholette Jeon
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UMBC, 2006, MFA Imaging and Digital Art
UH Manoa, 2003, Studio Art
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Saatchi Art Online, Artfinder
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Diana Nicholette Jeon is an award-winning artist who lives and works in Honolulu. She previouslyspent 10 years working in high tech in the Silicon Valley before returning to school to pursue her first love, art. Jeon was awarded her MFA in Imaging and Digital Art from the University of Maryland at

Baltimore County in 2006. Afterward, she returned to HI where she spent seven years teaching digital imaging and motion graphics at the college level. In 2013, Jeon decided to work producing art on a full-time basis.

Jeon has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally; her work has been included in four solo exhibitions and 130 group exhibitions; venues include the Honolulu Museum, the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto; the San Diego Art Institute; San Diego City College; MK2 Biblioteque (Paris); Tethys Gallery(Florence) and PH21 Gallery (Budapest.) She has received multiple awards for her work; these include two Purchase Awards from the Hawaii State Foundation of Art and Culture; 1st Place and five Honorable Mentions from the 5th Mobile Photo Awards; Most Wanted Visionary at the Florence International Photo Awards and 2nd Place at Hawaii Photography 2016. Jeon’s art has been featured in a wide array of publications, including the Huffington Post, Lens Culture, In the In-Between Journal of Digital Imaging, Binfeng Space Art/Culture magazine, PhotoPhore, Corriere della Sera, L’arena and the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, including the permanent collection of the State of Hawaii, the International Printing Museum; the Magill Library Collection of Art and Artifacts at Haverford College; the Albert O. Kuhn Library Special Collections Department at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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