Gloria E. Moses

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Glorious Golden, 1/18/2011 Oil 24" X 18" © © Copyright protected
Oh There They Are, 3/26/2011 Oil 9 X11 © Copyright ©
Playing in the Shadows, 8/3/2011 Soft Pastel On Sanded Paper 24" X 30" © Copyrighted
Quick Facts
Lives in
Lockport, IL
representational, realistic realism, landscape, traditional, figurative

       Gloria is inspired by the beauty she finds along the way as she explores the world.  The beauty in the common thing, that when you look closely enough and the light falls just right you find something amazing.
      When conditions are right, the fleeting light can create a jewel like impression of something very precious.  She is preoccupied with color and form through light.
     Gloria's paintings reflect scenes from her travels abroad, a flower in the dramatic morning light from the front porch, or the wonderful mischievous smile of a child.  Gloria expresses herself through art and hopes those who see her work will enjoy each unique piece as much as she loved creating it.