Summer Makovkin

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T, 2009 Pen And Ink 8" X 10" © all rights reserved, Summer Makovkin 2009
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Mendocino, Ca
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San Francisco, Ca
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San Francisco, Ca
printmaking, screenprinting, handcrafted, prints, pop, photography

I was born in December of 1973 to a pair of self-employed potters living off the land in the north coast town of Mendocino, California. I grew up in a world that included rugged ocean cliffs, sandbars and rivers, huckleberries, borscht and piroshky, hand-made stoneware, pygmy trees, well water, a chicken coup, an outhouse, kerosene lamps, ballet and Swan Lake's Odette, Katherine Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Mozart, Chopin, jazz standards, made-up games, photography, and a vegetable garden. Sleeping with my toe shoes on seemed to feed my appetite for romance and fantasy, and strengthen an internal emotional world that seemed to be growing ever larger than the external. Or maybe it was the other way around.

When the Mendocino School District set me loose, telling me that I was free to go forth into the real world, I pretended that I knew exactly what I wanted to do. A year of theater, and then a semester of photography at Cal Arts called my bluff, and had me running into the frigid arms of San Francisco. With the stars at my toes and despair in my hair, I began an intuitive journey of unearthing life experience.

Over the next 10 years I studied and developed my skills as an illustrator, printmaker, and photographer, while working a wide range of tedious, sometimes harrowing, but ultimately necessary jobs. An inherent appreciation for detail, wonder for the natural world, a deeply rooted love of music, and dedication to the creative process became the foundation of my artistic expression. In 2003, two weeks after my beloved father's death, I met a musician named Gabriel, now my husband, who saw my work and encouraged me to continue on the path. I began designing and silk-screening show posters for local bands, and wedding invitations for beloved friends, and continued to do so for the next 6 years. From this newfound love and encouragement, my creative vision developed into what it is today.

Currently, I live with Gabriel in the Mission district of San Francisco, and continue to focus on photography, illustration, and printmaking. Each day is a new beginning, building upon the last, and learning from the past. As I continue to gain experience and follow the bird that sings in my breast, my objective remains to be present in the moment, pour my heart and soul into every worthwhile idea, never stop learning, and hold fast to the ideal that "anything is possible if you believe in it."