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First Solo Art Exhibit Creation

I first soloed in a Cessna 150 Aug 3, 1976.  By that date, my instructor, Ted Warner, had tortured me in every way manageable including flying under the "hood" nearly all the way to touchdown.  The only thing different from my solo and my father's in 1924 was he had to land a tail-dragger, something I know nothing about, but I know many pilots who have dented their planes trying to land them. Aug 4 of this year, I have another solo:  To curate a photography exhibit for four artistic... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 7/4/12

Prize for shortest blog entry

I guess what I like about my Canon 5D the best is there is no noise.  Just think, some people who have shot Canon's forever, have never even seen noise and don't know what of the rest of the world is talking about.  Of course, they've never seen sharpness either. [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 1/27/12

Seeing in Bright Light

The Canon 5D (do you see a pattern in this blog?) has a "video output" even thought it doesn't make video.  I thas a video output so it can show you a slide show of whatever pics are in the memory.  You can use controls in the menu to make up a simple slide show --but  no rap music--  bummer. The major deficiency in the 5D I have and every other SLR digital is you have very little idea what you've recorded because the LCD just doesn't have enough resolution to show you enough detail. Nor... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 1/26/12

Never to old to learn (and meet) new tricks--mastering earrings

You might think noodling your digital camera and other bit-powered toys is difficult, but since I got my ear pierced in Nov., I've learned there is a protocol to installing one's earrings.  I mean, if you got just junky glass trinket earrings, it doesn't matter, I guess, but I started right out wearing real diamonds, so keeping the diamond on the ear seemed important. First we men are not adept at inserting small things in smaller holes while looking in a mirror.  That is a definite skill.... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 1/25/12

Why the price of Canon 5D's goes up every week

The reason I bought a used Canon 5D last December, was Kent Rockwell said it was the greatest thing since sliced bread for making b&w pictures. (1)  Also, because the sensor is so large, it lends itself to using EOS full-size  EF camera lenses which is all I wanted to budget for at present.  Also, the 5D can use primo Olympus OM-2 lenses which are about 1/5th to 1/10th the cost of primo Canon 5D lenses.  A clever Asian company sells adapter rings which can be attached to OM-2 lenses... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 1/25/12

January is Art Month

Seems like just a year ago I was groping my way around L.A. Art Fair in the Convention Center.  Oh.  I guess it was a year ago.  Almost as soon as you got onto the main floor, past the huge sign that said "no photography allowed inside," which nearly everyone was taking a picture of, there was this incredibly realistic nude, full-size, with real hair in the usual places.  She was sitting on the lap of a fully clothed business man, also a doll.  Neither had an expression.  I was just dying to... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 1/24/12

Apres Art Month

  After going to great and huge LA art events in January.  Going anywhere else, like a boutique art gallery is a let down. Redondo Beach Art Group (RBAG) planned a trek to San Pedro for the First Thursday Art Walk and I managed to meet up with them at Carol Hungerford's studio at "The Loft" located at 5th and Mesa.  There is a special sense of community and professionalism in the Loft that didn't exist elsewhere else and a lot more art.  Still, San Pedro is a friendly community, while being a... [more]
Posted by Jerry Hicks on 2/5/11