Gale Gibbs

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In the Forest, there are...., 2014 Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 59" X 60" ©
Along the way, they sang Amazing Grace, 2014 Oil On Canvas 60" X 60" ©
Tulips and the chia, 2014 Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 24" X 18" Inches ©
Sunday Morning, 2014 Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 12 X 36 X 3 Inches ©
What you do if someone gets lost in the forest, 2014 Mixed Media On Paper 42 X 36 X 0 Inches ©
If you pass someone tossing stones, pick up your feet and go another way, 2014 Mixed Media On Paper 32 X 45 ©
The Vigil, 2012 Graphite On Paper 22" X 30" W ©
Eating out (drawing), 2011 Graphite, Watercolor On Paper 18" X 24" W ©
Fear of elevator, strong winds and the number 666, 2010 Graphite And Charcoal On Paper 24" X 18"W ©
Inside Out, 2014 Graphite And Charcoal On Paper 22" X 30"W ©
A Horse, the rider, a race, 2010 Oil On Linen 48" X 60" ©
Moonlight Bathing, 2014 Mixed Media 36" X 45" ©
Betty's Lambsong, 2015 Oil On Canvas 60" X 60" X 3" Inches ©
When the blue Jay sang, 2015 Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolor On Paper 32" X 46" ©
Blue Moon, 2014 Drawing On Paper 18 X 24 " ©
A period of Exquisite Oblivion, 2015 Graphite On Paper 18" X 24" X 1 Inches ©
Guests, 2015 Mixed On Paper On Board 36" X 48" ©
Falling Stones, Rising Water, 2015 Oil On Canvas 36" X 60" ©
The Last Red Apple, 2016 Oil On Canvas And Wood 55" X 55" ©
In Search of the Healing House, 2014 Oil On Canvas 55" X 60" ©
The Last Red Apple, 2016 Acrylic On Canvas 55" X 62" ©
Living in the age of UNsuffrage, 2017 India Ink On Paper 24" X 30" ©
Social Media Mambo, 2017 India Ink And Watercolor On Paper 22" X 30" ©
The Last Brain Riot, 2017 Acrylic On Canvas 55" X 60" ©
An Unhealthy Melody, 2017 Lightfast Ink And Acrylic On Canvas, Fishing Lures 40" X 60" ©
Quick Facts
Lives in
Rockwall, Tx.
Works in
Rockwall, Tx.
University of North Texas
Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma, BFA
Tags, poetry, drawings, OilPaintings, acrylic paintings, story telling, painting, drawing, figurative, mixed-media, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, street, Illustration
Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
Mar, 2018
Expo 37
B. J. Spoke Gallery
Art Statement and CV

My favorite Stories


I remember, when I was a child hearing my dad embellish every story.  Some part of me was always attracted to his ability to have a story line and improve upon it with creativity and visual symbolism to the point , the story became more than it was.  I suppose in some way, I am continuing that legacy. 

I have always loved books, the illustrations as well as the words.  My work is a combination of that form of art as well as arts that I have studied and seen, especially cave art, surrealism and expressionism.  I love to draw and to paint.

I am now creating my own story.   Sometimes my image is a play, an opera or a comedy. Each story takes a life of its own combining visual and free thought.  I believe that narration is the core of both literal as well as visual arts, whether abstract or realism.  All artists, I believe, are trying to tell a story.

I have loved cave painting, abstract expressionism, Degas, Kahlo, The Garden of Earthly Delight, Kathe Kollwitz, Max Beckmann, Vincent Van Gogh, and Susan Rothenberg.