Shay Ensley

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In My Youth, I Know My Purpose, February 2012 Mixed Media: Birch Plywood, Laser Printer Ink, Resin 30 X 20 X 1.5 Inches © Shay Ensley
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Los Angeles
Birth year
plywood mixed-media, birch, black-and-white mixed-media, high contrast, portrait, shay ensley, laser printer ink, Plywood

My work personifies ideas, a philosophy, a desire. To reaffirm that the consciousness of good does exist, and illustrating what it could look like. The fascination with the beauty lurking in the simple and every day. My work comes a place of constant inquiry about social and cultural phenomenons. I seek to agitate the lulls of rhetoric. As resources and information are unearthed during my growth process as an artist, my next body of work will become a reflection of that. I am always seeking to mature my vision of personal values and character, and to manifest visions that have been downloaded into me, from a sovereign world governed by wise Spirits.

A variety of mediums are used to get my point across. Painting, videography, crafts, photography, and writing, to name a few.

I currently reside in the Inland Empire, and a proud mother of two who are creative phenomenons in their own right.

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