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Anything But Common: The Amassed Wonders of British Folk Art   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Tate Britain June 10th, 2014 - August 31st, 2014
Posted 7/31/14
begins with a disclaimer—customary for surveys of this sprawling, nebulous field—regarding the sheer breadth of ground to be covered, the impossibility of neat or comprehensive classifications, and even the inadequacy of the term "folk art" itself.  For exhibitions that draw together art and anthropology, this preliminary airing of curatorial anxieties—and simultaneous disavowal of rigid cataloguing systems—has almost become a ritual in itself. Hence, it seems a fitting start for a show that... [more]
Stacey Aoyama, Patrick Ballesteros, Louie Barletta, The Dead Beatnik, SCOTT BELCASTRO, Christine Benjamin, Sandow Birk, Jimmy Bleyer, Kristen Brown, STEVE CABALLERO, Josh Callaway, Forrest Card, Grace Chee, Scott Chenoweth, Luke Chueh, Katherine Chui, Joshua Clay, Melissa Contreras, Mark Cummings, Steven Daily, Downtimer, Dave Duncan, Lori Escobar, etc., James Fish, Daniel Fleres, Brendon Flynn, Blaine Fontana, Brandon Francis, Nate Frizzell, Ken Garduno, Danny Gonzalez, Joey Gonzalez, Chris Granillo, Seth Haak, Jenikah Hall, Jim Harker, Josh Hart, Haubs, Jill Hearne, Andrew Hem, Gene Hong, Aaron Jasinski, Audrey Kawasaki, Kean, Terry Keating, Aaron Kraten, Jason Lee, DANIEL LIM, Tommii Lim, Matt Linares, tessar sebastian lo, Craig Mackay, Nimit Malavia, Pamela Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Corinne Mayer, Jeff McMillan, Karen Halker Miller, Mark Miller, Yuki Miyazaki, Mark Murphy, Kelli Murray, keith noordzy, Catherine Norrie, Casey O'Connell, Munk One, yuta onoda, Erik Otto, Darin Owen, CHRIS PASTRAS, Sanithna Phansavanh, Nathan Pratt, Keith Renner, Juan RODRIGUEZ, Zoro Rodriguez, Nathan Rosser, Reuben Rude, Dan Santat, Emilio Santoyo, Joe Schlaud, Mike Shinoda, Amy Sol, Matt Stallings, Craig Stecyk, Majella Lu Sue, Sally Sun, Roland Tamayo, Josh Taylor, Jon Todd, Jan Trondsen, Rich Tuzon, Ron Velasco, Kelly Vivanco, Brian M. Viveros, Tuan Vutran, Michelle Wiener, Angelina Wrona, Yoskay Yamamoto, Chet Zar, William Zdan, Zoso at ISM: gallery at the Koos Art Center August 23rd, 2008 - August 23rd, 2008
Posted 9/21/08
amazing show! thanks for having me involved. -Aaron [more]
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