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Lithography LOVE IN RED, Limited Edition, Velour, Paint, Laque on Venetian Paper, Production Claudio GRASSETTI VENEZIA 2012, 2012 Lithography Velour, Paint, Laque On Venetian Paper 60 X80cm © Olivera Velkova
S.P.Q.R. The ILLUMInating Spirit of 21st Century, Official Entrance Banner for Mega Solo Art Exhibition, Venice Giardini della Biennale May - November 2012, 2012 Digital Photo Print On Pvc Banner 100 X300cm © Olivera Velkova
Venice Dreams, 2012 Acrylic, Golden Acrylic On Canvas 100 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
LOVE, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
RECESSION, 2011 22 Karat Gold (22 Karat Golden Leafs) On Golden Acrylic On Canvas 120 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
ETERNITY, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas On Wood Polygonal Structure (12 Sides) 117 X117cm © Olivera Velkova
Monaco Dreams , 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 100 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
Be The Change You Want To See In This World, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Freedom-Vertigo, 2007-2008 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Venetian Sun No.1 (From the Cycle SUN) , 2012 Acrylic, Golden Acrylic On Canvas 100 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Happiness is Mind - Happiness is Mine, Replica 2008, Museum of Modern Art, Paris 2004, Original 2004 / Replica 2008 Photography 2004, Digital Photoprint Vinyle On Pvc Forex 10mm 100 X150cm © Olivera Velkova
Hush Baybe...Jazz in Paris, Photography 2005 ARLES, Original 2005 / Replica 2008 Digital Photoprint Vinyle On Pvc Forex 10mm 120 X160cm © Olivera Velkova
Tribute to Tose Proeski - Angel Tears, 2007-2008 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Earth Is All - All Is Earth - W R All Diamonds, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Sun No.1 (from the Cycle SUN), 2007-2008 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Sun No.2 (from the Cycle SUN), 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
La Croix Influence, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Lava, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Elle Et Lui, from the Cycle ELLE ET LUI (1995), Replica 2008 Acrylic + Ink On Canvas On Board. Original Frame Nut Wood 50 X70cm © Olivera Velkova
Equilibrium, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Identity, Replica, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 80 X135cm © Olivera Velkova
Music From The Sun, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Untitled Beauty, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Eternal Symphony, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Deluded Love 1 (Wound), 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
Deluded Love 2 (Hope), 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X120cm © Olivera Velkova
LADY DIAMOND from the Cycle DIAMONDS, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas, Sylver Acrylic Finish 100 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
PARIS, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 80 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
WAY OF THE EELS, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas, Sylver & Golden Acrylic Finish 80 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
SUPERNOVA, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 90 X110cm © Olivera Velkova
THE POWER OF RED, BLACK & WHITE, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 110 X90cm © Olivera Velkova
TRIBUTE TO TASKOVSKI, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 110 X110cm © Olivera Velkova
What R You Looking At ? Hommage to Martin Kippenberger - The Problem Perspective, Group Exhibition Berlin 2010/2011, 2010 Digital Photo Print On Pvc Banner 500 X100cm © Olivera Velkova
Declinaison ft. L'Etape Finale, iPhone Art-iPad Art, 2011 Digital Photo Print On Photographic Paper 10 X7cm, (20 X14cm) © Olivera Velkova
Quick Facts
mixed-media, pop, installation, video-art, performance, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, conceptual, exhibition/performance


Aim for perfection...

Raise your awareness higher...

Anticipating in the universal & spiritual global conscience...

Making a better world, today and always...!

Open your heart, the key is : LOVE !!!

We can ILLUMINATE ourselves and our spirits...only if we love enough what we choose to love...Be the Change You Want to See in This World !

My art is power ! “A Vision” as Sir John T. Spike would say. People need to FEEL, not to understand…We are fed up of all the clichés and conventional forms & expressions of life. We urgently need fresh oxygen, bright light, a new renaissance in art : ultra-avant-garde which sets this 21st century on higher levels of awareness.

My iPhone/iPad Art main intention is to express the taste and the spirit of the 21st century after David Hockney’s statement in Paris 2010.


Olivera VELKOVA, internationally renowned name in the Arts, was Macedonian born 1977 in Skopje - the antique homeland of Alexander The Great and Justinianus Primus. VELKOVA comes from a cultural inspiring background: her grandfather, Ivan Velkov, died in 2008, is the Doyen of Macedonian Modern Art and Founder in the late ‘50/’60’s of the 20th Century. He has been one amongst the top 500 artists in the World. After graduating in Architecture at University of Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia in 2001, she moves to Paris to enroll post-graduation studies in Medias, Visual Communication and Management at University ESDI Creapole, Paris. Thanks to her studies in Paris, she starts working as Consultant in PR in the domain of Visual Communication and Management in Fashion, Luxury goods and Events. Paris is also the place where her artistic career begins: her first exhibition has been held at Museum of Modern Art “Palais de Tokyo” 2004. Following key step is the participation in the XIVth edition of International Biennial of Young Artists from Europe, 2009. Ever since, she took part in many important and remarkable collective international exhibitions, amongst them in France (Paris, Arles), Biennale of Austria (Salzburg), Germany (Berlin), Italy (Venice), Russia (Moscow, San Petersburg), India (Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi), USA (New York) as well as  all over in her native Macedonia. Also, she has been invited as a guest of honor to many TV Shows, Press & Interviews and had participated in many International Art-Residencies worldwide.  Her famous credo “Life is Art” she’s promoting it constantly with her existence and presenting Macedonia worldwide as a true Ambassador, also she is a Magistrate of Master of Art in Diplomacy and International Relations. Spreading the role of a Goodwill Ambassador, she has adopted a Tibetan Monk in 2010, through the Dalai Lama Society. Main success earlier was the invitation from Rockefeller Foundation New York and Paula Rouldes to participate as VIP Artist to ART MONACO 2012. Artist Olivera VELKOVA is currently represented by the Concilio Europeo dell Arte and InParadiso Gallery, Venezia, ITALY. Concilio Europeo dell Arte (Venice, Paris) was founded by Sir John T. Spike who supported her last and current mega solo exhibition in Venice “S.P.Q.R. – The ILLUMInating Spirit of 21st Century” opened on occasion with the America’s World Cup in Venice, 12th of May 2012. Due to the huge interest the exhibition has prolonged over the entire summer of 2012, Venice Film Festival and Biennale of Architecture Venice 2012. Following the words of Sir John T. Spike that the 2 bestsellers artworks of Velkova’s “LOVE” and “RECESSION” may she be the first one in the World to do this! With the artwork “LOVE” she’s been offering a solution to the World, while with “RECESSION” done with 22Karats Gold (22Karats Golden Leafs), she’s not treating it as a crisis but rather as positive challenge to rise above, and to understand our truly unipolar message on this Earth – that we are all rich in spirit, besides our material wealth. Inspired both of the theme “LOVE”, a new project was launched - the limited edition of lithography “LOVE” in May 2012, produced originally by Claudio Grassetti in Venice (the same producer of the 4 Merlyn’s of Andy Warhol). The very first lithography “LOVE in Red” signed originally by the Artist went to Ms. Sarah O. Gunn, Board of Presidents – National Gallery Virginia, USA. Her artworks are courtesy of many private collections, National Galleries & Museums, International Associations and Foundations, Governmental Institutions, The National Opera and Ballet House of Macedonia and many others.

Artist Olivera VELKOVA has been published in many monographs, books and catalogues worldwide, amongst which the latest are: The 1st Edition of “Art Museum Selection” (Louvres, Vatican, Uffizi, Prado Madrid, Moma New York), “Arte & Quotazioni” by EFFETTO ARTE, The 5th Edition of International Contemporary Artists 2012/2013 New York Publishing, The 1st International Biennial “Arte di Palermo 2013” (Critics by Paolo Levi and Vittorio Sgarbi) etc.

 The Artist’s favorite quotes* : “...It’s all in the roots of Rome & Egypt...Rome & Egypt as a synonym for Caesar and Cleopatra’s endless love and connection... The Imperia without borders, A Vision of a Beautiful dream, a unique Love that moves mountains and seas...Rome wasn’t build in a day ! Therefore stands the S.P.Q.R. initials of this mega solo exhibition project in Venice 2012. We can ILLUMINATE ourselves and our spirits...Be the Change You Want to See in This World”.

 *Note: All the artworks published are part of the Master Cycle “The World As 1 V07” and the current mega solo exhibition in Venice May-Nov 2012 “S.P.Q.R. – The ILLUMInating Spirit of 21st Century”.

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