Shez Arvedon

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Another Window, 2008 Fiber,Metal,Etching 19" X 8" X 2"
Quick Facts
omnivorous, mixed-media, installation, photography, figurative, sculpture


I returned to New York City after inhabiting a volcanic island for more than a decade. Manhattan and Hawai'i are both exotic islands which intrigue and inspire me. They are fascinating landscapes, sightseeing odysseys, spirited with the possibility of eruption, provoking my personal and creative journey.

Working and playing with my hands feels vital to my spirit. Creativity is the natural order of
life, and as I open to the flow I am swept along in an almost subconscious assertion. For
me, primitive and modern images connect easily, bringing me to the present moment. At
times I feel like an archeologist arranging artifacts. As I rekindle and explore my
relationship with this island metropolis, I am desirous to see how it translates into art, and
the cumulative of my excursions: Desire, passion, and creative expansion.


For the Pink and Bent show at the Leslie Lohman Gallery I chose a piece that recounted certain experiences involving transient and fugitive women during my rather isolated time in Hawai'i.  From sacred to savage, I transferred the energy and memories of these encounters, recreating passion through creative self-expression.