Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas

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Incident Energy- promo still, 2013 Infrared Video Variable © 2013 Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander
Incident Energy- poster, 2013 Infrared Video Still Variable © 2013 Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander
Incident Energy- stills, 2013 Infrared Video Variable, 4 Channels © 2013 Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Incident Energy, 2013 Infrared Video Variable, 4 Channels © 2013 Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Incident Energy- installation view, Birth., 2013 Infrared Video Variable, 4 Channels © 2013 Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Incident Energy- installation view, Channels 1-4, 2013 Infrared Video Variable, 4 Channel © 2013 Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
The Operation, 1995 Bw Ir Technology, Video Still. © 1995-2013
The Operation, 1995 Bw Ir Technology, Video Still © 1995-2011 All Rights Reserved.
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Portland, Oregon and New York City
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Portland, Oregon and New York City
Incident Energy, The Operation, Marne Lucas, Jacob Pander, bw IR technology, Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander, Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas, figurative, installation, video-art, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, photography, digital, exhibition/performance

'Incident Energy'  an Infrared video installation (trt: 30 mins)
Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, Oregon.

INCIDENT ENERGY is a four-channel video installation by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas filmed with heat-sensitive Thermal Imaging (infrared/IR) cameras, exploring themes of nature, culture and the body. By utilizing Range Phenomenology technology usually associated with military, border, or aerial surveillancewe aim to inspire contemplation by framing the luminous energy of the human body and offering a glimpse into visual worlds that are ever-present yet hidden from our perception. Thermal imaging details the subtle changes in heating and cooling surface temperatures, revealing the changing light in corporeal and inanimate objects; heat appears white and cold becomes black. By visualizing changing heat-signatures radiating from the body, one senses the temporal coalescence of ancient stellar energy in the form of living beings.

“We share a mutual fascination with the aesthetic of the human body and the intersection of technology within art and science; and how the advancement of surveillance technology continues to change cultural and human interaction - for better or worse - in practical, philosophical and creative ways.” -Lucas and Pander

Contrasting the stark IR imagery with primal human movement, dance choreographer Jim McGinn and accompanying performers appear as translucent primitive humans, like living alabaster sculptures in a timeless realm where bodies possess a simultaneous interiority/exteriority; as warm veins, cold extremities and breath are all visible (in real time, no special effects).  Scenes filmed in nature and in contemporary settings reflect events and emotions of community, love, birth, conflict, decay and death unfolding against black snow-covered forests, empty beach landscapes and dense urban crowds, juxtaposed with vast solar, lunar and interstellar imagery.
Dancer Jim McGinn performed live at the opening reception in conjunction with the installation; his body silhouetted against simultaneous live thermal image projections that echoed his movements.

This project is supported in part by a Regional Arts and Culture Council 2012-13 Project Grant.

THE OPERATION An infrared short film by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Best Experimental Film 1995 NY Underground Film Festival
“Where technology and flesh collide.” WIRED MAGAZINE

In a cold tile operating room, a surgeon clad in a protective Ty-Vek suit, goggles and tight rubber gloves demonstrates her skill before a group of observers. They scrutinize the eerie coupling between the surgeon and patient, whose bodies merge like molten lava. Thermal coitus draws the viewer into an erotic experience that probes beneath the boundary of skin. (trt 12:50)

2012 Chicago Underground Film Festival- 20th Anniversary ‘Best Of’ program.
2011 ‘Hotter Than July’ New York Studio Gallery - Exibition
2010 CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival- Presented

1998 Institute on Contemporary Art-London- Presented
1998 Institute of Contemporary Art, London - Presented
1997 Honolulu Underground Film Festival - Best Experimental
1997 23rd Annual NW Film and Video Festival - Judges Award
1996 Copenhagen Film and Video Workshop - 3rd Prize, plus grant
1995 Chicago Underground Film Festival – Best Experimental Film, 2nd Prize
1995 New York Underground Film Festival - Best Experimental Film

1999 ‘Hot Zones-‘The Operation’,’ Suture: The Arts Journal, Vol 1.’ interview by Jack Sargeant (Creation Books, UK)
1996 ‘My Love is Burning’ Wired Magazine review by Richard Kadrey, December issue.

'The Operation' was created in collaboration by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas, shot in 48 hours on a minuscule budget utilizing thermal imaging technology. Their exploration of erotic imagery stems from an interest in the viewers psychological as well as sexual response. This film represents a merging of their equal fascination with the macabre beauty of the human body as viewed by science and technology. By using new infrared imaging devices, the boundaries between physical and intellectual stimulation become blurred, merging elements of sensuality and intimacy within the constructs of landscape and technology.

They have collaborated in photography, film and video for several years, their most acclaimed project was the creation of the award-winning infrared film ‘The Operation’ and also the music video film for U.K. recording artist Howie B’s 'Suck It and See'.  Currently they work on solo and collaborative projects in their respective genres, and are also developing a fine art video/photo installation together using infrared technology.

THE OPERATION ©1995-2013 Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas. All Rights Reserved.



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