Sadie Sheldon

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Kuona, 2010 Soup Cans 4.2 Ft X 4.0 Ft © Mwezi
Nordhaus, 2010 Soup Cans 4.8 Ft X 3.8 Ft © Mwezi
Euraka, 2010 Soup Cans 4.6 Ft X 3.8 Ft © Mwezi
Donholm, 2010 Soup Cans 3.6 Ft X 3.5 Ft © Mwezi
Quick Facts

Sadie Sheldon was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from Kalamazoo College, and currently lives and works in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her work originally centered on photography and painting, but she shifted her focus to 3-dimensional work after studying in Kenya during her third year of college. There she met and worked with the artist Kota Otieno, who introduced her to the practice of metal-stitching. She was stirred by his approach to sculpture, which combined the traditional practice of sewing and stitching fabrics with the nontraditional materials of scrap metal and recycled cans.

Upon her return to Michigan, she began to explore new ways to blend traditional artistic methods with nontraditional materials in her own work. Sadie's work reflects a keen interest in engaging her artistic foundations in photography and painting in dialogue with new materials and manners of presentation. In its blending of familiar practices with foreign materials and presentations, her work complicates traditional conceptions of representation, display, and spatiality in a way that resonates with her political and environmental concerns. Above all, her work engages in the practice of mapping, not only of the physical locations that are often represented in her work, but of travel, experiences, ideas, and the fluidity of borders and dividing lines.