King Farish

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“A hungry man is an angry man” Ogani fisherman, 2010 Powdered Charcoal, Powdered Graphite, Top Soil, Bitumen, Oil Paint, And Spray Paint On Canvas 9’ X 10’
Oil Rivers, 2010 Oil Paint, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Bitumen, Powdered Charcoal, Graphite, Coffee, Bourbon, And Fabric On Paper, Wood, And Canvas, On Five Panels 9’ 6” X 16’ Overall
South-South, Bayelsa State, 2010 Powdered Charcoal, Powdered Graphite, Bitumen, Spray Paint, Ink, Bourbon, And Beer On Canvas And Paper Glued To Four Pieces Of Paper 9’ 4” X 10’ 6” Overall
Construcción Incremental, Juárez, 2010 Acrylic, Powdered Charcoal, Graphite, Oil Paint Stick, Oil Pastel, Spray Paint, Latex House Paint, Bitumen, Dirt, Wine, Coffee On Paper, Canvas Linen, And Fabric Glued To Two Pieces Of Canvas 8’ 6” X 14’ Overall
Colonia I, 2009 Powdered Charcoal, Graphite, Acrylic, Oil, Paint Stick, Oil Pastel, Wax Crayon And Spray Paint On Six Pieces Of Paper 9’ 6” X 8’ 4” Overall
Colonia II, 2009 Acrylic, Powdered Charcoal, Graphite, Dirt, Mexican Beer, Oil Paint Stick, Oil Pastel, And Wax Crayon On Paper 70 ½” X 60”
Admirals Row, Brooklyn Navy Yard, 2009 Graphite, Powdered Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Wax Crayon, Spray Paint, Paper, Plastic, And Silver Gelatin Print On Two Pieces Of Paper 8’ X 10’ Overall
Admirals Row House I, 2009 Acrylic, Coffee, Dirt, And Spray Paint On Paper 6’ 9” X 5’
Farragut Housing Projects III, 2009 Charcoal And Spray Paint On Paper 78” X 60”
Farragut Housing Projects IV, 2009 Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil Paint Stick, Oil Pastel, And Crayon On Paper 50” X 38”
Famagusta, 2009 Acrylic, Charcoal, Graphite, Spray Paint, Latex House Paint, Oil Paint And Oil Pastel On Canvas 9’ 10” X 13’ 4”
Mur de la Peste II, 2009 Acrylic, Powdered Charcoal, Wood Stain, Coffee, Bourbon, And Spray Paint On Canvas 9’ 6” X 13’ 9”
Didyma II, 2009 Acrylic, Oil Paint Stick, Charcoal, Paper, Dirt And Coffee On Canvas 9’ X 10’ 3”
Didyma I, 2008 Acrylic, Charcoal, Dirt And Wine On Canvas 9’ 5” X 8’
Toniná, 2008 Acrylic, Latex, Coffee, Wine, And Glass On Canvas 9’ 2” X 12’ 2
Nablus, 2009 Acrylic, Latex House Paint, Oil, Spray Paint, Powdered Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Ink, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Nails, Dirt, Coffee, And Flashing Cement On Canvas 9’ 9” X 12’
Mur de la Peste I, 2009 Acrylic, Latex House Paint, Spray Paint, And Wine On Canvas 9’ X 12’
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American born.

King spent his first 16 years in Alabama and is a self-taught artist. 

He started with street photography in Chicago in 2000.

Over the next couple years he shot in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, London and New York.

In 2003 he moved towards painting. 

King is based in Brooklyn and has a studio in Bushwick.

Artist Statement

The origin of this body of work is in compression and tension, growth and decay, and how these and other processes shape built environments. The specific locations for the beginning of each 

painting vary widely from a row of abandoned houses in Brooklyn (Admirals Row, Brooklyn Navy Yard, 2009) to the swamps of the Niger Delta (Oil Rivers, 2010).  What pulls them together are shared themes such as: land use and ownership, expoloitation of people and natural resources, and how people relate to the architecture (when applicable vernacular architecture) and the built environments they live in.

A wide variety of materials are used to stain, grind, and write; this process builds up layer upon layer until the structure and surface of each work reveals a sense of place.