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Startender, November 2011 Scratchbord With Saw Blades Framed In Stainless Steel 24"X36" © Susan Radau
Kate Cake, October 2011 Acrylic/Paper/Plaster On Canvas Framed In Stainless Steel 24"X36" © Susan Radau
Waffle House Petit-Four, November 2011 Paper/Acrylic On Hardbord Framed In Stainless Steel 8"X6" © Susan Radau
Drano, November 2011 Paper On Scratchbord Framed In Stainless Steel 12"X12" © Susan Radau
Blue Nut Petit-Four, November 2011 Oil/Acrylic/Paper/Metal On Hardbord Framed In Stainless Steel 12"X12"
Fountain 2011 Installation, December 2011
Fountain Installation 2010, December, 2010 Installation © Susan Radau/Ken Brignoll
Moss Collage, November, 2010 Acrylic/Paper On Canvas Board/Metal 11"X12" © Susan Radau/Ken Brignoll
Listen to Me, November, 2008 Acrylic/Oil/Paper/Foil On Plastered Canvas Framed In Steel 30"X30" © Susan Radau/Ken Brignoll
Mixed and Tricky, January, 2008 Paper Collage Odd 8"X10" © Susan Radau
Orange Dog/Black Cat, February, 2009 Acrylic/Oil/Paper/Marker On Plaster Canvas Board 36"X24" © Susan Radau
Alice With Pink Flowers, October, 2010 Acrylic/Oil On Hardbord Framed In Steel 16"X20" © Susan Radau/Ken Brignoll
Nude Surface, November, 2006 Acrylic/Oil/Marker On Linen 24"X36" © Susan Radau
Bardot, November, 2010 Acrylic/Paper On Aluminum 11"X12"
Clare et Distinct, January, 2007 Acrylic/Oil/Marker On Canvas 16"X48" © Susan Radau
PLE, November, 2006 Acrylic/Oil/Marker On Canvas 36"X24" © Susan Radau
Last, April, 2008 Acrylic/Oil/Paper/Ink On Plaster Canvas Framed In Steel 20"X20" © Susan Radau
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Washington, D.C.
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Dunedin, FL
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Dunedin, FL



Current efforts focus on biographical/interpretive female portraits, wherein the legacy of the sitter is observed and studied, deconstructed and rebuilt with physical attributes onto a substrate.  The pieces are comprised of spoken words, written prose (experimental vignettes/poetry), found objects, photographs, symbols and created images.  Collectively, they are studies in psychology, post feminism and sexuality with an emphasis on the mapping of human failure, mental illness and addiction.  Occasionally, these elements are matched with ordinary objects – cakes and assorted sweeties, household items, chandeliers, rollercoasters, etc.


The medium is mixed: oil, acrylic, paper, metal, ink, pencil and all forms of markers on Hardbord or Scratchbord, layered for longevity and sealed.  The frame for each piece is customized with corresponding elements in metal that are welded by hand around – and often directly to – the piece.



Henry Fauth/Susan Kincaid, Author - Published by Lulu Press, Inc.

From the FAUTH POLAROIDS SERIES of novellas:


Dec. 1-4, 2011: Fountain Art Fair (Art Basel)


Artist: Susan Radau/Metal: Adam Kwiatkowski


Dec. 1-4, 2011: Fountain Art Fair (Art Basel)

Sponsor: The Feminist Art Project Exhibition


December 2011:  "FLORENCE"

Art Basel Window Installation - Mac's Club Deuce

14th & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL


November 2011: “Lucky You 4”

Fundraiser for BAC, Miami, Florida

Dec. 2-5, 2010: Fountain Art Fair (Art Basel)

Installation: “Leaving Behind Holes in the Nothingness”

Artist: Susan Radau/Metal: Adam Kwiatkowski

Wynwood/Miami, Florida


November 2010: “SIN”

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami, Florida

Juried Exhibition for Art Basel

Selected for inclusion by Brian Dursum, Executive Director & Curator

Lowe Art Museum, Miami, Florida


November 2010: “Lucky You 3”

Fundraiser for BAC, Miami, Florida


Studio Fellowship (2008): BAC (Bakehouse Art Complex), Miami, Florida


December 3-7, 2008: Fountain Art Fair (Art Basel)

"U(r)-Bahn" Group Installation

Sponsor/Curator & Participating Artist


December 2008: "Paraphernalia"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami, Florida


December 2008: "8x8"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami,Florida


November 2008: "Lucky You"

Fundraiser for Bakehouse Art Complex Miami, Florida


November 2008: "Form <- Function"

Collaborative Group Exhibition

BAC & Art Center of South Florida

Juried Exhibition, BAC, Miami, Florida


November 2008: "A Family Affair"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami, Florida


September 2008: "Walls Without Boundaries"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami,Florida


May 2008: "Against the Grain"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami, Florida


March 2008: "Paper Mate"

Group Exhibition – BAC, Miami,Florida



Residence: Berlin, Germany


January 2007: "Tacheles Werkschau 2006"

Group Exhibition – Kunsthaus Tacheles – Berlin,Germany


(2005/2006) Artist in Residence Program:

Kunsthaus Tacheles – Berlin, Germany


September 2006: "VERN: Free Transposition"

Group Exhibition – Schanze8 – Hamburg,Germany


March 2006: "Inner Spaces/Outer Limits: The VERN Collective"

Group Exhibition -  Walker's Point Center for the Arts – Milawukee, Wisconsin


May 2006: "Life is a Painting"

Group Exhibition – Kunsthaus Tacheles – Berlin, Germany


October 2005: "VERN: Interjacent" (Group Exhibition) Gallery 1-5, Los Angeles, California



Residence: New York, New York


December 2003: "Fusion"

Group Exhibition – Gallery 47, London, England


August 2003: "Art Around the Park (Howl! Festival)"

Group Exhibition Federation of East Village Artists (FEVA)

Tompkins Square Park, New York, New York


August 2003: "Howl! Festival Exhibition"

Group Exhibition – Federation of East Village Artists (FEVA)

The FusionArts Museum, New York, New York


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