marika berlind

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Foam Space, 2006 Oil On Canvas 72x48 © 2006
Anotherscape II, 2006 Oil On Canvas 48x72 © 2006
crusty space & melted space, 2006 Oil On Canvas 60x32 © 2006
oval hole, 2006 Oil On Canvas 48x48
pinched space 1&2, 2006 Oil On Canvas 36x48 © 2006
red string, 2005 Oil On Canvas 48x48 © 2005
nightscape I, 2006 Oil On Canvas 36x72 © 2006
dust hole, 2005 Oil On Canvas 48x48 © 2005
Quick Facts
Lives in
san francisco
Works in
san francisco, athens, london
Princeton University, 1994, BA
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
modern, conceptual


I am an artist with U.S. and Greek nationalities, based in San Francisco. I have found a way to combine my love for Astronomy/ Mathematics with my love for Art, both of which I studied in my university years at Princeton, RISD and Yale.

My goal is to present various interpretations of astrophysical-cosmological and mathematical concepts, in order to reveal their visual, theoretical, and philosophical implications. I wish to provide an alternate means by which to explore science, through a momentary visual experience of ‘living in the universe’; or, of living in that indefinable space between the universe and our earth, our ‘selves’.  I am interested in issues of ‘vastness’, ‘the infinite’, ‘chaos’, ‘multidimensionality’, ‘parallel spaces’, and the ‘relative role of Earth and human consciousness within the Universe’. I hope to open a door for the questioning of our role as observers in our formation of scientific ‘truth’.

I believe that ‘talent’ is more a matter of mind than hand, and is cultured through education and analytical thinking.  I hope that my art will stand out for the originality of my subject, and for its in parallel intellectual and aesthetic treatment.  Deeply connected with my subject, I aspire to contribute to bringing science to art and art to science.  We are literally made of the dust of stars. The universe is beyond our reach and awesome to our minds; but it is also, in a sense, 'us'.


Recent Body of Work:  ANOTHER UNIVERSE

STRINGS. HOLES. SCAPES. FOLDS. Four Separate Universes? Four Parallel Universes? Or maybe just One Universe?
Another Universe.

STRINGS. Elementary particles as vibrating loops. Each form of vibration of the string a different particle or force.  Unity of all particles and forces within the same basic string. Multiple dimensions of space, one source.
Another Universe.

HOLES.  Regions of space which pull all matter in. Or regions which push matter out.  Time flowing forwards or backwards.  Rotating holes where matter which falls in eventually travels out. Into a black hole and out of a white hole.  
Another Universe.

SCAPES.  Lightscapes, darkscapes, anotherscapes.  Worlds which may seem familiar, and yet not. Somewhere on Earth? Or perhaps not.  Somewhere between Earth and somewhere else.  
Another Universe.

FOLDS.  Layers of space and time. Entangled, superceding one another, or harmoniously integrated.  Combining to form new topologies, or dividing to break old ones.
Another Universe.

STRINGS. HOLES. SCAPES. FOLDS. Four Astronomical Dimensions.  
Four Artistic Dimensions.  Space in Art and Art in Space.  Another Universe.