B. Corsan

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Bob Dylan; Standin' on the Table Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 36 X 2 Inches
Chet Atkins Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 18 X 3/4" Inches
Robert Johnson Acrylic On Canvas 16" X 20"
Thunder on the Mountain Acrylic On Canvas 12" X 24"
Muddy Waters Acryklic On Canvas 16" X 20"
When The Deal Goes Down, 2007 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 12 X 3/4 Inches
Row of Beatles Acrylic On Canvas 16" X 20"
Primal Bob Acrylic On Canvas 32" X 48"
Kurt Hammet : Volcano Rider Acrylic On Canvas, Collage Framing 14" X 18"
Bob Dylan; Tangled Up In Blue Acrylic On Canvas 32' X 36"
Quick Facts
abstract-realism painting, pop-culture, corsan art investments, Pittura Colta, canadian, Bob Dylan figurative figurative

Art is the music of my soul and music is the art. You will find musicians and musical themes have laid a strong foundation of inspiration for me. I look for the foundation from which so many other musicians have built their own style and songs.

I have had work in galleries, both in Canada and in Los Angeles/Santa Monica, andĀ  I am really excited to have a profile with Artslant. I think this will give me the freedom that I need to create art in other countries where I like to spend time, such as Costa Rica. Last year, I worked with an international art group there called Superarte, and we worked with seniors and high-school students, making art pieces from recycled materials that were available in the community. Now I am working with visionary art and art therapy at a healing retreat.

I began painting in 2002, after a life of various art endeavors, including performing arts. I believe that painting is a spiritual calling for me, so I pursue it with all my heart. I look forward to sharing my muses and insights with marketingĀ opportunities like Artslant and gallery shows. I hope you will take this opportunity to purchase my art and invest in something that inspires both you and me.

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