Celina Grigore

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Moore Inspired: Contemporary Responses to Henry Moore

    "Reclining Figures. Arches." by Celina Grigore. Pen-and-ink. Original Drawing.Copyright © 2010 by Celina Grigore. All rights reserved. Exhibited at: Moore Inspired. Contemporary Responses to Henry Moore"Unframed size: 15" x 20"Framed size: 21" x 26"All archival materials. Professional archival framing. Off-white matt. Slate Gray metallic frame. Protected with: TRU VUE ® Glass. Type: Reflection Control. First there was chaos. Then there were arches, curves, motion, intersections,... [more]
Posted by Celina Grigore on 11/22/10

A Computer as a Companion?!

A Response to Neil Frude’s Article “The Intimate Machine” Written in 1997. Nevertheless... still an issue of todayby Celina Grigore Just think how it feels to “paint” onto the computer screen.  It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s precise, it’s reversible, it’s invertible, it doesn’t leak, it doesn’t crack, it doesn’t buckle.  It has all the advantages and the conveniences along with a battery of tools but, there is something that’s missing: the Passion.  The passion that you feel when the soft paste... [more]
Posted by Celina Grigore on 11/17/10