Brett Amory

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There Will Be Blood  
Brett Amory, T. Joseph Enos, Scottie Hall, Robert Jankowski, Noah Krell at Autobody Fine Art March 26th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Posted 4/15/10
Scottie Hall and Jay Thomas: “p(art)ners in crime present BISECT”   Words that heal   The stage was set with an altar bearing a hand-printed sign reading: “Words Scar. We ask you to offer two words, one which wounds, and one which you find healing, uplifting, or empowering.” Kneeling on the heart-shaped rug before it, I wrote out two words on separate index cards. To wound: “bitch.” To heal: “sweetie.” I then placed each card in one of two silver bowls, along with a dozen or so... [more]
Bite-sized Brett Amory Show at FFDG  
Brett Amory at Fecal Face Dot Gallery June 17th, 2009 - June 20th, 2009
Posted 6/21/09
Arteaser) We headed over to Fecal Face Dot Gallery (FFDG) for the latest installment of their "In-N-Out" series, which featured Brett Amory: I really enjoyed a new series of small paintings (above) based on a dream: Amory also had a couple of new pieces from the "Waiting" series up: Sadly, the show was only up for four days and is already down. As the name implies, the "In-N-Out" series are week long shows with openings on Thursdays. Amory (below right) was in attendance... [more]
Hovering: Brett Amory and Nancy Chan at Hyde Street Gallery  
Brett Amory, Nancy Chan at Hyde Street Gallery April 3rd, 2009 - May 1st, 2009
Posted 4/7/09
  On Friday night, I ventured out again, this time to Hyde Street Gallery. The current show, "Spaces", features work by Brett Amory and Nancy Chan: Both artist feature figurative work where the figure is disconnected from its surroundings: Mr. Amory's figures are waiting, and therefore not fully present; and Ms. Chan's are starkly lacking a physical context: The show will be up through April:   [more]
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