Natalie Häusler

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Case Mod, 2013 Environment Variable © Hans-Georg Gaul
Aykan / Casino, 2013, 2013 Object © Hans-Georg Gaul
Case Mod, 2013 Environment Variable © Hans-Georg Gaul
LEAKING (from: The spine is only flexible to a certain degree), 2014 © Natalie Häusler
11:18 (from: Impressionnisme), 2013 Painting/Sound Collage 21 X 16 Centimeters © Michael Pfisterer
Impressionnisme, 2013/14 24 Paintings, 4 Venetian Blind Sculptures, White Fabric, Wooden Frames, Laser Prints Of The Poem, Sound Collage Variable © Michael Pfisterer
Impressionnisme, 2013/14 24 Paintings, 4 Venetian Blind Sculptures, White Fabric, Wooden Frames, Laser Prints Of The Poem, Sound Collage Detail/ Installation © Michael Pfisterer
05:08, 2013 Painting/ Woodcut/ Sound © Michael Pfisterer
We are getting a little bit too close here (still life), 2012 Object © Natalie Häusler
We are getting a little bit too close here (still life); detail, 2012 Object © Natalie Häusler
RYB/RGB/CMYK, 2011 Object © Galerie Warhus Rittershaus
Loss/Lust, 2011 Installation/ Performance © Natalie Häusler
Forest Paintings (No.1&2), Panopticon No.1, 2014 Sculpture, Painting, Sound © Natalie Häusler
Panopticon No.1, 2014 Object 103 × 33 × 33 Cm © Natalie Häusler
Crisis del ladrillo / Smiley / Loss, 2014 Posters In Public Space 120 X 90 Each © Natalie Häusler
Loss, 2014 Poster In Public Space 90 X 120 Cm © Natalie Häusler
Crisis del ladrillo (No.4), 2014 Relief 21 X 16 Centimeters © Natalie Häusler
Crisis del ladrillo (No.5), 2014 Relief 21 X 16 Cm © Natalie Häusler
Smiley, 2014 Floor Piece / Sound 130 X 130 X 5 Cm © Natalie Häusler
we are getting a little bit too close here (still life), 2012 Digital Print © Supportico Lopez, Berlin
we are getting a little bit too close here (still life), 2012 Digital Print © Supportico Lopez, Berlin
Quick Facts
Lives in
Works in
HBK Braunschweig (University of art Brunswick) Germany, 2011, Diploma and Meisterschüler
Bard College
Representing galleries
Supportico Lopez
painting, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance

1983 born in Munich, Germany
lives and works in Berlin, Germany


2009 - 2011
Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, New York, MFA (2011) 
2004 - 2011
Braunschweig University of Art, Braunschweig, Germany
Diploma/ Graduation with Honors, Braunschweig University of Art, Braunschweig, Germany (‘10) Meisterschülerin of Frances Scholz ('11)

Awards, Scholarships, Residencies

BAU/Camargo Fellow, BAU Institute, NY, Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France, 2014 
Combo, Córdoba / La Fragua, Belalcazar; residency and exhibition; Spain, 2014 
Hans und Charlotte Krull Stiftung, working grant, 2013/14 
Cité des Arts, six-month residency, Paris, 2013 
Arthur-Boskamp-Stiftung, Emerging Artist Award, 2013
Meisterschüler Award, Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz (SBK), 2011
DAAD scholarship, NY, Bard College/ Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, MFA, 2010/11
PS122 Gallery Residency, New York, 2010
Bard College MFA Scholarship, 2009/10/11
Scholarship of the Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation for the Watermill Summer Program,
Long Island/ New York, 2008

solo shows/ two-person shows  


El Polvo se posará/ Dust is going to settle, Natalie Häusler & Fernando M. Romero, Combo,
Córdoba, Spain
Impressionnisme, M1 - Arthur Boskamp Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt °

Natalie Häusler & Danielle Adair, Infernoesque, Berlin
Case Mod, Supportico Lopez, Berlin 



Natalie Häusler & Niels Trannois, Sunday, London

A situation of subtle control, Bard College, New York


This attitude does not necessarily open them to criticism […], Natalie Häusler and Marysia Gacek, PS122 Gallery, New York
Party and party and […], Natalie Häusler and Jesse Sugarman, Season, Seattle, Washington °
Loss - Lust, Bard College, New York
What is it like to be a bat?, HBK, Braunschweig


Students that struggle, critics that sing, Bard College, New York


group shows  


How the tangible shapes the mind, Daria Martin, Natalie Häusler, Pauline M’barek, Timothy Davies, Kunstverein Nürnberg (forthcoming)  
Pre Post Alphabet, Museo Nitsch di Napoli, reading, Neaples, Italy (forthcoming)  
ausgezeichnet | gefördert – Krull Stiftung 2012-2014, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin (forthcoming)  
Greetings from Napoli, Supportico Lopez at Paradise Garage, Los Angeles  
Frieze Launch – Jason Dodge, Natalie Häusler, Dena Yago, Matthew Dickman, reading, Münzsalon, Berlin  
Sounds like liberation of objects, Lukas Goersmeyer, Natalie Häusler, Christian Theiß, Clages Gallery, Cologne  
High Wire, Natalie Häusler, Jugoslav Mitevski, Timothée Huguet, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf  
Lucky Draw, Sculpture Center, New York  
Dear Green - Glasgow meets Berlin, ZKU - Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin  



Frieze London, Natalie Häusler, Michael Dean & Christina Mackie, London 

Die Dritte Dimension, Frutta, Rome
Baguette That!, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
Mondes Parallèles, Eglise Saint-Merri, Paris  
On the Golden Wire for Thirty Four, Marysia Gacek, Natalie Häusler, Katharina Marszewski, Nurture Art, NY °  
Independent, Henry Chopin, Michael Dean, Natalie Häusler, Christina Mackie, Armando Andrade Tudela, NY 
Prisma Pavilion, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Ma prochaine vie, Courtesy, Los Angeles



Als Morandi mit der Kinematographie liebäugelte, Supportico Lopez, Berlin 
La Lucidezza, Reception, Berlin 
How can a digital be a gift? Goethe-Institut New York Library, NY
Fruit and Vegetable Stand, Queens BLVD 32 Place, NY
Pull the stops out, come on!, Berlin Launch of MATERIAL (LA), Motto, Berlin
An impossible distance, Border, Mexico City 

+6|2012 Shortlist Columbus Art Award, Kunsthalle Ravensburg °


Bard MFA Show, UBS Gallery, Red Hook, New York
At the long table, Soi Fischer Projects, Vancouver, Hosted by Butcher Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Nomadische Unschärfen, Temporary Gallery Cologne, Köln °
Crossing the Atlantic: 40 years of DAAD New York, Chelsea Art Museum, New York °
Plastische Positionen im Jetzt, Galerie Warhus Rittershaus, Cologne

Death by papercut, Kunstklub, Berlin
Panorama, Kunschaufenster, Hallenbad - Zentrum für junge Kultur, Wolfsburg °

Fünf zum Sehen, lecture, Kunstverein, Braunschweig
Magda Grubenboy trifft sich mit einigen Freunden, Jahnstraße, Braunschweig °
Exotic resistance, Schnittraum // Lutz Becker, Köln
Excellent, Braunschweig °
Our gift to the world, Kunstklub, Berlin
Gloria, Kur de Belles, Berlin

Dross, Galerie der Hochschule, Braunschweig °
Beyond the line, Galerie der Hochschule, Braunschweig °

Erstens - Zweitens - Drittens, Hannover
Für die Pflanzen, Hannover
Excellent, Braunschweig

Und was meinst du was wir jetzt tun sollten?, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Kurzschluss - erstes bundesweites Vernetzungsprojekt von Kunststudenten, Stuttgart °
Plattform#2, Kunstverein, Hannover

° catalog


Co-founder and publisher of the poetry press American Books (Natalie Häusler/ Brett Price/ Ed Steck) (since 2011)
100 Jahre Matisse, yo! Die Geschichte der Installation, Ruelle at Apartment Häusler & Marszewski, collaboration with Katharina Marszewski, Berlin (2012)  
Limited edition print and publication of a text with Material Press Magazine, Los Angeles (2012)  
Artist books with Marc Handelman (Archive for a Mountain, NY, 2010/11), Ed Steck (A time stream in spaces: [...], The Hague) and David Horvitz (Matter out of Place, The Kitchen, NY ) (2012)  
Watermill Summer Program
, collaboration on projects directed by Robert Wilson, Long Island/ New York (2008)  
Co-founder and publisher of the magazine When I was 23 I decided to dedicate my life to art, Braunschweig (2007) 


A virus can be on a mussel [...], Natalie Häusler, poems, Mousse Publishing, Milan (2014)  
General Fine Arts (Issue 1, vol. 1.), poems, e-journal by Version House (2013)
Watercolors, Natalie Häusler & David Horvitz, artist book (2012/13)
Still life, poems, self-published (2013)
Like a jellyfish within architecture, poems, self-published (2012)
Seduction of the quote, newsprint (2010) 

Scatter book (Gedichte eines im Tannenwald erfroren aufgefundenen jungen Mannes [...]), artist book (2008)


In the Company of Flesh and Blood, Matthew Rana, Frieze (2014)  
Frieze Focus - Natalie Häusler, Jennifer Allen, Frieze d/e (2013)
Bierhimmel, Natalie Häusler & Gerry Bibby, Mousse Magazine (2013) 

Critic‘s Pick, Aaron Bogart, Artforum (2013)
Natalie Häusler, Case Mod, Text by Christine Schott (2013)
Facing Pages–On the work of Natalie Häusler, Ed Steck, Revolver Publishing (2012) 
Sculpture Center, Curators‘ Notebook, Kristen Chappa, Sculpture Center Blog (2012)  

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