Nichole McCarty

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Love Slug, 2009 Neon 3' X 2'
How Dare I, 2010 Neon, Metal 6' X 5'
How Dare I , 2010 Neon, Metal 6' X 5'
How Dare I, 2010 Neon, Metal 6' X 5'
Candy Compton, 2009 Ceramic, Metal 1.5' X 6'
Candy Compton, 2009 Ceramic, Metal 1.5' X 6'
Candy Compton, 2009 Ceramic, Metal 1.5' X 6'
Go Team, 2011 Ceramic 8'' X 3''
Nom Nom, 2011 Ceramic 4'' X 7''
I can always make you smile, 2011 Ceramic 5'' X 6''
Shark Attack, 2011 Ceramic, Wood, Cellophane, Neon 9' X 6'
Shark Attack, 2011 Ceramic, Wood, Neon, Cellophane 9' X 6'
Shark Attack, 2011 Ceramic, Neon, Wood, Cellophane 9' X 6'
Quick Facts
Lynn, MA
Birth year
Lives in
San Francisco
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San Francisco
Academy of Art University, San Francisco
installation, sculpture

People often accuse me of being overly excited and a little crazy about everything; and they have also predicted that I will suffer an intense delusional breakdown someday.

I am passionate about making abnormal, wild, beastly creatures inspired by observations of real people in my life.  My sculptures are inspired by monstrous situations, the weak moments we all have, feelings of being the social misfit, the outcast, or the mal-adjusted individual. These sculptures are influenced by the beauty and difficulty of love and by religious ideas that are played out, both in my mind and manifested in society.

My aim is to create a unique and humorous collection of narrative sculptures, as well as ones that explore and reflects contemporary society. I slowly piece together the subjects from my imagination, memory, models, and photographs. My ideas come from the vast range of observations of the people I interact with everyday. I enjoy using clay in everything I make as not only a fast way of modeling my ideas, but being able to change my mind as quickly as my subject might do in an awkward situation.

Presented in a narrative format; my art is the lens through which I see the world. Creating my sculptures is a way to respond to my environment, a way to express my optimism to others. I revisit these sculptures time and time again, but with more skill and a progressively greater understanding of coping with these ideas. In our age where it can feel as if almost all has been discovered, my search is for the intriguing and the abnormal.