Matthew Schlagbaum

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Everything You Are Not and Everything You Had Failed to Become, 2013 Inkjet Print
Wishing That Even The Grays Were Bright, 2013 Inkjet Print
Much Better, 2013 Inkjet Print 20" X 14"
But Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?, 2013 Wood, Aluminum Window Screen, Casters, And Landscape Variable
The Aspirations of the Yearning Individual in a Valueless World, 2013 Galvanized Steel Mounted Onto Corrugated Plastic, Refrigerator Magnets And Imitation Gold Leaf
I Like You, But I'm Not In Like With You, 2013 Plexiglas, Plaster Column, Gold Spray Paint, Christmas Garland, And Spinning Disco Party Light 24" X 24" X 60"
Keeps Me Safe From My Trouble And Pain, 2013 Black And White Inkjet Print, Desk Lamps, And Colored Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs 24" X 22" X 8"
Treasured, 2013 Vintage Snapshots And Imitation Gold Leaf
Don't Stop Now, I'm Almost There, 2012 Custom Light Boxes And Strobe Lights Variable (172" X 60")
Best Friends For Now, 2013 Wood, Window Screen, Latex Paint, Flickering Flame Light Bulbs 72" X 24" X 24"
Looking More Closely Reveals Neither Heat Nor Light, 2013 Inkjet Print Burnished Onto Wall 66" X 52"
Nothing This Pretty Could Be Real, 2011 Various Gold And Acrylic Spray Paints On Plaster Gauze And Paper 72" X 36" X 48"
Looking No Farther Than My Own Backyard, 2012 Window, Wood, Latex Paint, Fake Flowers, Styrofoam Bird, Christmas Garland, Holographic Scrapbook Paper, And Fluorescent Light 33" X 33" X 6"
Sometimes The Dead Just Won't Stay Dead, 2013 Fluorescent Orange Spray Paint, Fake Flowers And Cellophane Variable
Judy Garland Smile, 2012 Doily, Expanding Foam, Enamel Paint, Mylar Balloon And Ribbon 22" X 72" X 14"
The Best You And Me That We Can Be, Only Better!, 2013 Rocks, Latex Paint, Dried Roses And Spray Paint Variable
If Recollecting Were Forgetting, 2011 Clothing, Blankets, Plastic Food Wrap And Frames Variable
Now You Change. Please. Don’t Make Me Change You. Must I? All Right I Will. You’re Changed Now. You Are. You Did It Too. I Did It To You But You Did It. Yes You Did., 2012 Window, Wood, Latex Paint, Venetian Blinds, And Color Changing Led Party Light Bulbs 33" X 33" X 6"
Special Touch Of Elegance, 2012 Doily, Expanding Foam, Enamel Paint, And Colored Ball Chains 18" X 24" X 6"
Too Little, Too Late, 2010 Dead Plant, Enamel Paint, Hot Glue, Artificial Floral Fragrance, Ceramic Pot, Soil, Couple Therapy Book 24" X 18" X 16"
She Only Dresses In Hues That Nature Rejects, 2013 Wood, Latex Paint, Spray Paint, Fake Flowers, And Cheeto Cheese Puff 24" X 36" X 6"
Heavy, 2009 Trophies, Backpack, String, Wire, Clothing 28" X 24" X 18"
The elimination of appearances in favor of being , 2014 Altered Acrylic Mirror, Inkjet Print, And Artist Frame
Quick Facts
sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, landscape, photography, digital
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