Josephine Lipuma

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Series: The Street Life: Hey!, 8/15/11 Street Photography:Taylor Street Italian Festival 2011, Chicago, Il. 4272 X 2828 Pixels © Josephine Lipuma © 2011
Series: The Street Life : Calling Mr. Submarine?, 8/16/11 Street Photography: Taylor Street Italian Festival 2011, Chicago, Il. 1089 X 726 Pixels © Josephine Lipuma © 2011 all rights reserved
House of Distant Memories, 2/23/11 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma 2011©
Off to The Execution, 8/2011 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) 2025 Pixels X 1539 Pixels © Josephine Lipuma all rights reserved 2011 ©
Praying to the Gods, 10/30/10 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma
Nano Clown, 8/15/10 Photogprahy/Imaging 8" X 7" © Josephine Lipuma
Double Troubles, 10/20/10 Photographic © Josephine Lipuma
Miss Blossom Time, 10/20/10 D Igital Photography © Josephine Lipuma 2010 ©
Fallout Angel Station, 10/29/10 Conceptual Media © Josephine Lipuma
Freight De-Pots, 11/2/10 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma ©
"Buzz Cut La Strada", 11/2/10 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma ©
Post Pumpkin Time, 11/05/10 Conceptual Media 9"X7" © Josephne Lipua
Time Tunnel Traveler, 2/23/11 Conceptual Media © Josephine Lipuma 2010©
Escape from Tiny Town, 2/23/11 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma 2011©
Gatekeeper, 2/23/11 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma 2011 ©
"Morning Train Glow Ride" (Time Traveler Series),, 11/23/10 Conceptual Media © Josephine Lipuma 2010©
Rising Above Tiny Town, 12/2/10 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma 2010©
Nuclear Freight, 2/13/11 Conceptual Media/Arte Digital (Fotomanipulacion) © Josephine Lipuma 2011©
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mixed-media, installation, video-art, landscape, performance, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance

Who am I?

I am a new media/interactive storyteller creator/ educator & online trainer/mentor/professor/instructional designer & SME.  I am a technology focused creative with an active artistic practice.

Lucid Dreams are a conscious and subconscious creation of ideas, which form they finally become is the creative task. My life long (30+ years) artistic practice has lucid creations at the base, their conceptual heartbeat.

I was born in Chicago, IL where they still dye the Chicago River green for St. Paddy's day. I sometimes hang out at Face Book or Second Life, how about all of you?

My MFA in (Electronic Visualization) is from the University of Illinois at Chicago,Electronic Visualization Laboratory (evl)  This laboratory is where the original Star Wars special effects were first invented by Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti. It is the original home of the first (VR) virtual reality theater four-walled cave. When I was in grad school, I did a VR piece: "Through the Looking Glass of Josephine Lipuma", loosely based on "Alice Through the Looking Glass". It was in 3D, and shown at Ars Electronica, in Linz, Austria & other places. All I can see I was the first one to do Alice in 3D VR,no matter "how humble" the piece was.

If you would like to know more about me, just Google my name, you might be surprised, I am!

What am I Up to Creatively:

My current new media project is an interactive multi-media graphic novel, the content, web delivered. It has a magic realist foundation/subtext, it is historically based, but highly auto biographical/fictionalized. The beta release date is December 1st, 2011, if I am lucky. I am the rewriting the script plus recasting. Stay tuned, it's a movie folks, in serial form, like the Perils of Pauline, but instead it is Perils of Bobo_de_puma. Bobo_de_puma, is my alter ego, a time traveling sawdust clown with fliud gender issues. What a problem to have? What do you all think?

I am an American mutt, and proud of it.

Josephine LiPuma


Here is something to make you smile.

Enjoy, Part 1: The War of the Coder Professors    Josephine Lipuma © 2011