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Kare Kare - Through the Gap, 2010 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by Carrie Ade
The Watchman, 2011 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © Art by Carrie Ade
Looking into Whites, 2010 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © Art by Carrie Ade
Bamboo Forest, 2009 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © Art by Carrie Ade
Bamboo Forest, 2009 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Hidden Falls, 2009 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
The West Mauis, 2009 Acylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
The West Mauis, 2009 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
West Coast Spring, 2011 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Blue Pool, 2011 Acrylic And Oil © art by carrie ade
Looking in to whites - detail Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Across Kare Kare, 2011 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Anawhata, 2011 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas © art by carrie ade
Anawhata © art by carrie ade
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Depot Art Spce NZ, West Coast Gallery NZ, Abundance Gallery NZ, Canterbury Gallery Cape Town
realism, landscape, surrealism

Art By Carrie Ade

About my Art 

The world impresses me. The weather, the sea, flowing water, the mountains and forests and jungles which ornament the earth are from what I derive inspiration. I am captivated by shadows and light and the vibrant colours that surround our daily lives, and this infuses my work.


I choose not to work from photographs, but rather from my experiences observing and exisiting in my natural surroundings. The earth and elements are always transforming and in understanding this, I allow my canvas to be alive. I allow the colours and contours to metamorphosis with moods and emotions evoked throughout the course of a work, with a single painting free to move through storm and calm, across see and land, night and day.


My work reflects my personal perspective of the world and the way I look at things and experience life. I aim to express my gratitude and appreciation for the beauty and magnificence of the natural world in all of its intricacies, and to instil those feelings in others.


I work  in the style of exaggerated realism using a combination of acrylic and oil paints. My  greatest passion is to paint on larger scale canvas, as allows me the presence to draw the eyes in, to enrapture the  the onlooker  and imbue the emotions of grandeur and allurement that I experience when I view the world.


I have always been exposed to art and creativity as I was brought up in a family of artists, with my grandparents and my mother who have all been successful in the proffession,  but my ability as an artist has been guided throughout life by my personal connection to nature and its elements. I have always been an active participant in the outside world.  With my initial exposure from my father. As a botanist he saught to invoke his love and knowledge for plants and their biology  into his children from a young age, taking us on long treks through the forests, over mountains, explaining the importance and connection of all living things.  I have learned to notice and appreciate the signifigance and magnitude of our surrounds which to many may seem mundane and for this I am infinately greatful. It is through my art I hope to share this with others. 


Recent Exhibitions:


Art Maui 2008 – Schaefer International Gallery 

Motion Art Festival 2009 – TAPAC Arts Centre NZ 

Wild Exhibition 2009 – West Coast Gallery NZ 

Original Art Sale 2010 – Telstra Pacific events Centre 

Emerging Art Sale 2010 – Alexandra Park NZ 

New Zealand Art Show 2010 – TSB Bank Arena, Wellington NZ 

Solo Exhibition “West Scapes” Aug – Sep 2010

presented by The Depot Artspace, Devonport NZ 

Waitakere Trust Art Awards 2010 – Awarded for Merit Landscape 

Works At Arataki – Dec 2010 – Feb 2011 - Arataki centre NZ


Currently Displaying Work at:


West Coast Gallery – Piha NZ 

Depot Art Space – Devonport NZ

Abundance Gallery - Auckland NZ



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