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Ashland, 2017 Acrylic 36" X 48" © ak
"Ashland" detail
The Pool ---SOLD Tarfest, L.A. Juried Open Winner , 2011 Acrylic/Canvas 36 X 24 X 1 Inches © ak
L.A. Revisited, 2016 Acrylic/Canvas 30 X 40 X 2 Inches © ak
The Hiker, 2017 Acrylic 30" X 40" © ak
Ranch House, 11/26/15 Acrylic/Canvas 30" X 48" © ak
Joshua Tree: Ground Zero, 2011 Acrylic/Canvas 30x40 In.Ak
Chasing Beauty, 2010 Acrylic/Canvas 30x40in © ak
Watching Beauty, 2011 Acrylic/Anvas 24x30 © ak
The Apartment, 2010 Acrylic/Canvas 24 X 36 X 2 Inches © ak
Lime Green Glasses, 2013 Acrylic 30" X 48" © ak
Cullture Wars, 2008 Acrylic/Canvas 24x30 In © ak
L.A. Land, 2007 A/C 24x30in © ak
The Moorlock, 2014 Acrylic 36x48
"1984", 2015 Acrylic 36 X 36 X 2 Inches © ak
Cowbell the Clown, 2012 36x36in
The Voyage, 2011 Acrylic 24x36
Hyper Reality 1st Showcase Winner:, 2014 Acrylic 36x36
Entertainment States of America, 2009 Acrylic/Canvas 18" X 24"
Dystopia, 2010 Acrylic/Canvas 36"X48"
Dystopia detail, 2008 A/C © ak
Resort Town SOLD, 2009 Acrylic/Canvas 18" X 20"
Canyon Moon, 2008 Acrylic/Canvas 24x30in © ak
Doomstown SOLD, 2009 A/C 30x48in © ak
The Greatest Generation R.I.P., 2011 Acrylic/Canvas 30x40 © ak
Quick Facts
Lives in
Los Angeles and Ashland OR.
Works in
hope of accomplishment
Univ. So Cal---San Diego State Univ, B.Arts
Representing galleries
Hale Arts Gallery, Los Angeles ART/LA, Bergamot Station, CBS Art Collectiions, Westport CT., Saatchi Gallery, Santa Monica
landscapes modern, moody surrealism, allegorical figures, social commentary, figurative, landscape, modern

I am a story teller who once used words and now uses paint and canvas. The stories are the same....they tell who we are, and what are we really doing. Dare we look?....

These paintings are American's hidden lives...the things that move us…the things we long for...

I use strong colors and figures to develop an orchestra of images...

I combine the role of the social observer with the skill of an artist to show bold new paintings that peek inside us all...a place we rarely wish to look. The content driven paintings reflect my past sideline job as a News Director for National Public Radio in Southern California."


Saatchi Art. Santa Monica, Ca.

Art/LA, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca.     

Hale Arts Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca,

CBS Art Collections, Westport, CT.   



Los Angeles Art Association since 2015.


Solo and Group Shows

2016                "Cross Currents," Saatchi Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca.

2015                NEXTGallery Palazzo Somaglia, Piacenza, Italy.

2015                bG Gallery, Bergamot  Station, Santa Monica Ca

2014                Art L.A.,  Los Angeles Convention Center.

2014                Hale Arts Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca.

2014                Art/LA, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca. 

2014                L.A. Juried Open, Topanga Canyon Gallery (group show)

2013                Korean National News Gallery, Busan, South Korea

2013                Gallery LVS  Seoul, South Korea

2012                BIAF International  Show  Seoul, South Korea

2012                The 2012 London- Los Angeles Brit Week  Show, Downtown L.A.

2012                 L.A. Juried Open, 2nd Place, Topanga Canyon Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

2011                 Galerie Rheeway, artist show, 8th Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 

2011                 Art  L.A. Now Southern California  

2011                  L.A. Juried Open, 2nd Place,  Topanga Canyon Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

2011                 Cal State Channel Islands, Palm Ave. Gallery,  Solo Show

2010                 California State Main Street Gallery, Ventura, Ca.

2009                  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

2008                  Tarfest, Juried, Curator of Contemporary Art, L.A.C.M.A.

2008                  Pavilion du Val de Grace, Paris

2008                  John Spoor Broome Library, Cal State Channel Islands





1980        University of Southern California .

1982         B.F.A.  San Diego State University, San Diego, Ca.

2008         Post Graduate Fine Art, Cal State University, Channel Islands.

2008         Paris American Academy, Fine Art, Paris. 




"These paintings are Americans hidden lives, the things that move us…the things we long for." A. Van Kraft

Kraft combines the role of the social observer with the skills of an artist to show bold new paintings that peek inside us all....a place he says we rarely wish to look. The content driven paintings reflect his past sideline job as an award winning News Director for National Public Radio in Southern California.

 "Not surprisingly, I paint what I see going on in my world. I call my latest series American's hidden lives. What are the things that move us…the things we long for? I've seen cultural vacuumes where we long for attachment and settle for desire. I’ve also seen people struggling to find meaning in their lives and settling for empty, successes. I feel that if a painting says, 'I have something to do with you,' that's a success".





All paintings are for sale. Prices range from $1,000 to $3,000.  


Contact artist in Los Angeles:

805 495-5862.    email






















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