Shaktima Brien

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Ocean Goddess, 2008 Acrylic On Fabric 65 X 72 © Brien
Being (detail), 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 54 X 70 © Brien
See Through, 1987 Acrylic On Masonite 45 X 48 © Brien
The Hermit, 1996 Acrylic On Canvas 44 X 48 © Brien
Yin Yang, 2000 Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 68 X 2 Inches © Brien
Pax, 2001 Acrylic On Canvas 70 X 54 © Brien
Orgasmic Life, 2002 Mixed Media 70 X 38 © Brien
Eternal Renewal, 1999 Acrylic On Canvas 100 X 72 © Brien
Past Lives, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 100 X 72 © Brien
Lightness of Being, 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 84 X 72 © Brien
Entheogenics, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 144 X 72 © Brien
Contemplation, 2003 Acrylic On Masonite 45 X 48 © Brien
Animus Anima, 1997 Acrylic On Canvas 66 X 80 © Brien
Light Body, 2000 Acrylic On Canvas 38 X 70 © Brien
Takata, 2003 Acrylic On Canvas 70 X 66 © Brien
Abundance, 1988 Acrylic On Canvas 120 X 60 © Brien
Circle of Life, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 82 X 80 © Brien
Door on Eternity, 2000 Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 68 © Brien
The Path, 2001 Acrylic On Canvas 49 X 240 © Brien
Yin S+He, 2004 Mixed Media 72 X 84 © Brien
Family of Birds, 1998 Acrylic On Canvas 28 X 48 © Brien
Evanescence, 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 40 X 60 © Brien
Passing on the Knowledge, 1988 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 72 © Brien
Creatures of the Night, 1985 Acrylic On Canvas 50 X 72 © Brien
Madonna of the Guts, 1989 Acrylic On Canvas 72 X 40 © Brien
Walking on Water, 1984 Acrylic On Canvas 48 X 48 © Brien
Out of Body, 1989 Acrylic On Canvas 40 X 30 © Brien
Cosmic Child, 2000 Acrylic On Canvas 40 X 34 © Brien
Hierophant, 2002 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 36 © Brien
American Metamorphosis, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 72 X 84 © Brien
Cosmic Memory (detail), 22007 Acrylic On Paper 36 X 72 © Brien
Homage to Kandinsky, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 20 © Brien
Woman Goddess, 1999 Acrylic On Canvas 36 X 72 © Brien
Blue Planet, 2001 Acrylic On Canvas 24 X 36 © Brien
Van Gogh, Goddess, Alien, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 24" © Brien
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figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, pop, landscape, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, exhibition/performance
Shaktima Brien - Biography

"The Artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history."  Robert Rauschenberg

I am an American painter with a French-Canadian-European background. Immersed in a futurist California vision, I mediate between worlds and cultures, bringing a witness to the evolution of soul and spirit in the context of the post-modern American experience.

In the manner of Virginia Woolf and Anais Nin, I capture the transformation of consciousness in words and images, from individual to global awareness in post-modern times. I hope that my paintings provide insights to self-realization and to wholeness for the viewer.

Each tableau reveals an aspect of the Great Mystery and a balance of the feminine and the masculine, of Yin and Yang.

In embracing the opposites, my process evolves from the physical to emotional, in a psychological and spiritual reconciliation. As I mature, I find myself falling into step with artists who have dug into the collective unconscious for greater understanding of the subtle unknown.

Nearly all feminine spiritual heritage has been forbidden, destroyed, or forgotten; masculine perspectives cannot reflect inherent feminine values of wisdom, voice, and experience.

As I intuitively connect with the essential qualities of the feminine principle of life, my work forever transforms mirror the never-ending dance of dream and illusion, eternal life, death, and renewal.

I have great respect for pre-historic knowledge -- archeological art, artifacts, symbols and figurines, representations of the fertile feminine, not as a religion but as ever renewable, organic assemblages and dis-assemblages of paradigms.



1         Dante's The Divine Comedy and William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, for their quest into the unconscious;

2         Van Gogh for his raw, vibrant and passionate rendering of nature;

3         Francesco Clemente for his transparency and lightness of being;

4         Chagall for his holographic, spiritual visions;

5         De Kooning for his free and liberating expression;

6         Anselm Kiefer for his boldness;

7         Frida Kahlo for her portraits, mirroring the human  condition of pain, suffering, and anguish;

8         Niky de Saint Phalle for The Tarot Garden in Tuscany;

9         Judy Chicago and The Dinner Party for honoring heroines of art, literature, and history.



The inherent intelligence of color has a direct impact on the sensorial, psychological and spiritual levels. It becomes a subliminal exchange of vibrations between the colors themselves and the energy centers (chakras) within the body, alchemically stirring new layers of consciousness.



To probe the unknown and release preconceived ideas, I turn the canvas upside down, and from vertical to horizontal, sometimes painting with a brush in each hand. Light and colors lead to visions, which I capture like shorthand on canvas, with figures, symbols and narrative. Images implode in multi-dimensional spaces on the canvas, like sparks of light into the seemingly, apparent nothingness.   

Because my content and methods are primal and free, the tableaux appear as having been painted by more than one person; different energies go through body, mind, and spirit during the day.   

Metamorphosis, a recent painting, reveals a larger-than-life Liberty figure, a conscious Yin with the American flag, representing awakened consciousness. The mythological Ida and Pingala, feminine and masculine circuits of energy, freely circulate in balance through its subtle body.



Shaktima Brien is a California artist at the leading edge of the multi-cultural fusion.

Brien had 2 solo-shows, and 4 of her paintings were exhibited at The Palm Springs Art Museum.

While The Goddess Journey series was featured at The International Museum of Women, other paintings were parts of the Premiere of Signs of Time, a film on Marija Gimbutas (The Language of the Goddess), sponsored by UCLA Women’s Studies, Women’s Heritage Project and Bellili Productions at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

In the 90’s, Shaktima’s tableaux were sold at the Shirley MacLaine and Whoppie Goldberg Art Auction; others were juried by Judy Freeman, Associate Curator of LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) for the Women in contemporary art exhibition.

Brien’s auto-biographical novel Angelina and Men, a kunstlerroman on becoming an artist, was released in August 2010. Its original screenplay, Road Yin, won First Place at The Palm Springs Writer’s Guild Contest in 2001.

Other books by Shaktima Brien: 

Painting Life, a monograph;

Goddess Journey, Conscious Awakening, a psycho-spiritual and creative adventure;

Meeting Zen, Light and Space, an art book of black-and-white paintings and flash stories.



Solo Exhibitions

2009 Galerie Mystere, Palm Springs, CA
2007 Magdalene Cultural Arts Center, North Hollywood, CA
1988 Morgan-Wixon Theatre, Santa Monica, CA

Group Exhibitions

2018 Crystal Fantasy Gallery, Palm Springs, CA‚Äč

2017 La Quinta Museum, La Quinta, CA

2017 Crystal Fantasy Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2016 UCR - University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert, CA

2015 Gallerie 446, Palm Springs, CA

2015 Cambria Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2015 UCR - University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert, CA

2014 Studio C Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014 UCR - University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert, CA

2014 For Your Art, Los Angeles, CA
2013 - 2014 Palm Springs Art Museum, Marks Administration Building
2013 COD Marks Center for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA
2012 - 2013 - 2014 Gallery 446, Palm Springs, CA
2012 Jeanie Madsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2010 M Modern/Visual Space, Palm Springs, CA 
2009 Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA 
2009 Palm Springs Public Library, Palm Springs, CA 
2009 Vista Del Monte School, Palm Springs, CA 
2008 Steven Janssen Art Space, Palm Springs, CA 
2008 Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA 
2008 Palm Springs City Hall, Palm Springs, CA (Honorable Mention) 
2006 Exposure Gallery, Palm Springs, CA 
2005 Thom Home, The Atrium, Palm Desert, CA 
2005 Jake Dent Gallery, Palm Desert, CA 
2004 Clark County Library, Las Vegas, NV 
2004 Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 
2003 Desert Hot Springs Art Studio, CA 
2001 Desert Post Weekly Headquarters, Palm Springs, CA 
2000 Denise Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert, CA 
1999 Kaleidospace, Santa Monica, CA 
1996 Miramar Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, CA 
1995 T. Heritage Gallery, Westwood, CA 
1994 Regina International Gallery, Venice, CA 
1993 Hollywood Athletic Club, Hollywood, CA 
1991 Barbara Mendes Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
1991 Cabal Space, Hollywood, CA
1991 Out Action, Santa Monica, CA 
1991 Art & Barbee, Los Angeles, CA
1991 Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, CA 
1990 Ahead Art Auction, Long Beach, CA 
(Shirley MacLaine and Whoopi Goldberg's endorsements) 
1990 Barbara Mendes Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
1990 McCarthy Gallery, Long Beach, CA 
1990 Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance, CA 
1990 Mandala Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 
1990 Maison de France, Long Beach, CA 
1990 Finegood Gallery, West Hills, CA 
(Juried by Judy Freeman, Associate Curator, 20th Century Art, LACMA)
1990 Highways, Santa Monica, CA 
1989 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
1989 Goddess of Democracy, Temple Bridge, Los Angeles, CA 
1989 Clinicare Health Center, Santa Monica, CA 
1988 Olympic Art Festival, Seoul, Korea 
1987 Smith Arts Complex, Phoenix, Arizona 
1987 Marina Beach Hotel, Marina Del Rey, CA 
1986 Z. Kertisz Gallery, Venice, CA 
1986 Convention Center of Pasadena, CA 
1986 Valparaiso Studio, Los Angeles, CA 
1986 Venice of America, Los Angeles, CA 
1986 Affairs of the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA
1986 Gille Mansillon Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 


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