Erin Allen

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Sorry About My Jesus Picture
I don't know why that happened. That was meant to be, to quote Depeche Mode, "My own personal Jesus," and I can't do anything, as far as I can tell, to get him off your page. Just cast him out, like he does to all the demons in the sinners...
Comment by: James Bradley on Wednesday 09/23/09 at 3:29 PM
"Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts
Hi. Welcome to the "Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, which will be held in Moscow (27 September-3 October, 2009) and St. Petersburg (6-11 October, 2009). Program and the competition include 6 international contests: 1)Painting Competition, 2)Graphic Competition, 3)Design Competition, 4)Photography Competition, 5)Sculpture Competition, 6)Crafts Competition. There are two ways to participate for the competition – online (IN ABSENTIA) and in person (INTERNAL WAY). If you are interested in this project - please contact me Our Website: Fedor
Comment by: artweek on Tuesday 08/18/09 at 10:44 PM