Arne Reynaert

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Christmas too soon again (not for sale), 2012 Acrylics On Canvas 30 X 24 Cm © ©Arne Reynaert All rights reserved
Humants (original sold, courtesy University Hospital Leuven), 2010 Acrylics On Linen 110 X 130 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Frota (sold), 2010 Acrylics On Linen, Multiple, Installation View 180 X 110 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert (REIN-ART)
Grain (sold), 2010 Acrylics On Linen 40 X 40 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Documenta Kassel (sold), 2009 Acrylics On Linen 200 X 50 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Going this way (sold), 2010 Acrylics On Canvas 40 X 30 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Loft Feeling (Loftgevoel) replica for sale, 2010 Acrylics And Ink / Acid Free Paper / Glass Framed 3.5 X 4.9 X 0.4 Inches © Arne Reynaert
Rota (sold) Replica possible, 2010 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 59.1 X 43.3 X 2 Inches © Arne Reynaert
Avoiding the Evident, 2009 Acrylics On Linen 63 X 39.4 X 2 Inches © Arne Reynaert (REIN-ART)
Cool Girl 8 years (original sold, replica print available), 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 87.7 X 39.4 In © Arne Reynaert (REIN-ART)
Knee (sold), 2011 Acrylics On Linen 200x100 Cm © Arne Reynaert
The gathering in Zwolle II (sold, but replica available), 2011 Acrylics On Linen 200x50 Cm © Arne Reynaert, courtesy Gallery Atmosfera Belgium
Very low tide (at Cap Gris Nez, France) made with the ashes of a friend artist - not for sale, 2011 Acrylics And Human Ashes On Linen 120x80 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Degrees of awareness (listen to the future), 2009 Acrylics And Mixed Media On Flemish Linen 100 X 160 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Adidas, Reebok, Nike (sold), 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 110 X 140 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
And then the oranges came, 2011 Acrylics On Linen 40 X 30 X 2 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Citybreed II (installation), 2011 Acrylics And Mixed Media On Flemish Linen 80 X 100 X 3 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Emerence, 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 60 X 40 X 2 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Foret de la Lui, 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 70 X 100 X 2 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Je m’appelle Jane et je t’emmerde, 2011 Acrylics And Mixed Media On Flemish Linen 30 X 50 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Looking 4 horizon, 2011 Acrylics On Canvas 20 X 50 X 4 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Pain de sucre, 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 50 X 100 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Play (the next wave VI), 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 60 X 40 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Red horizon (not for sale), 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 30 X 40 X 1 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert
Roy/soldier, 2011 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 70 X 100 Cm © Arne Reynaert
Bloeden van zijn (Bleeding of being) (not for sale), 2012 Acrylics On Flemisch Linen 80 X1 20 Cm © ©Arne Reynaert
Disapparent (parking lot Antwerp), 2012 Acrylics On Flemisch Linen 120 X 80 Cm © Arne Reynaert (REIN-ART)
Caused a gentle wave today, 2012 Acrylics On Flemish Linen 70 X 100 X 5 Centimeters © Arne Reynaert , courtesy Gallery Atmosfera Belgium
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Leuven, Belgium
Works in
Leuven, Belgium
University College of Art and Design Sint-Lukas Brussels, 1989, Fine Arts (magna cum laude)
Representing galleries
Atmosfera, Kortrijk - Belgium
contemporary painting realism landscape surrealism modern traditional painting, painting, drawing, figurative, mixed-media, conceptual, Illustration, design

In his paintings, Arne Reynaert examines personal and sensitive positions people adopt naturally towards each other, in relation to their environment and themselves. The figures seem somehow or other to be lost in the present, in the indefinable moment between a (the) past and a (the) future. His work represents captivity in the present which, scientifically, does not even exist. And like time is (Einstein), the possible stories are no less relative to the spectator.

Transparency, transformation and missing bits in the figures could make us remember the disorder of matter we are born and have grown from; sometimes, drippings refer to the fact that we - or at least our bodies - will one day dissolve back to it.

Because the artist detests the gimmick, none of the above is a rule: in some of the recent works, the depicted people are the landscape, or the manipulated canvas becomes the landscape, or the people are simply missing (or missed by the spectator, to be correct).

On top, or underneath, the artist questions, philosophically, seemingly ordinary concepts which are part of our daily consciousness, a consciousness that is limited by the resolution of our senses, the capacity of our brain, the limited understanding of our environment and our instinct driven behaviour. One often finds his reflections in scribblings directly in the painting, in writings hitched on or near by the paintings, and in titles. 

Besides his philosophical approach, Arne Reynaert longs for a purge in his painting(s). He is obsessed by the poetical essence of the image. He is influenced, or let’s say confirmed and challenged, by living contemporary painters.

Combined or single, the paintings become small installations and transcend reality in to an unspeakable dimension.

For Arne Reynaert, (the) painting is THE pre-eminently metaphor for consciousness, for life, for relations. Even though most of his paintings are figurative, he doesn’t want to tell us a story. The paintings remain objects that find their right and reason to exist in the spectator. Existence seems to be the concept he is dealing with.


Arne Reynaert lives and works in Leuven, Belgium, as an independent artist.

He studied painting at the academy of Leuven and graphic arts at the high school for fine arts Sint-Lukas Brussels (great distinction). Most of his work is in private and public collections.

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