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Untitled , 2010 Acrylic
Artists for Black Lives Matter poster
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Niki Lopez

Fort Lauderdale, FL



Artist Statement


My project “What’s Your Elephant’ is ‘creative conversations around the unknown’.  The mission of this project is to provoke awareness and facilitate discussions unveiling unaddressed topics including, but not limited to: gender, discrimination, and abuse.  WYE works with the public, at-risk groups and communities. The value of a share & engaging the masses will demonstrate how the creative arts can assist in self-healing, bring awareness, and strengthen communities.  Along with this project, my personal body of work in a series titled “I AM THE ELEPHANT” which includes multimedia installation art- I am sharing my own ‘elephants’ of being a survivor of child molestations, growing up in a religious cult and exploring the concepts of masks & identities.

My intentions for #whatsyourelephant is to create a safe space where can share & bring awareness.  If sharing my elephants empowers even one person to consider their choices & its impact, speak up when they see an injustice or be a voice for the many who are still living in fear & denial- my job is done.

“It’s about acknowledging the elephant and owning it, so that it doesn’t define you.”  

– Niki Lopez


Some of my works also include live art, commissioned work, and abstract concepts & styles that are more representational than photo realistic.  My representational work allows me to share and explore stories, symbols and concepts from ancient cultures and ideologies, as well as provoke thought as to the probability of life in other dimensions, multiple universes and galaxies, how they are all inter-connected with us here on planet earth.


Artists Bio

Niki Lopez is an interdisciplinary artist and activist whose award-winning work has traveled as far as New York, California and New Orleans; and who has worked with such luminaries as CCH Pounder.  "My representational work allows me to share and explore stories, symbols and concepts from ancient cultures and ideologies, as well as provoke thought as to the probability of life in other dimensions, multiple universes and galaxies, how they are all inter-connected with us here on planet earth".

Lopez has been curating and programming avant-garde art shows and creative events since 2008, including her signature annual art exhibits at Fort Lauderdale’s 1310 Gallery.

Lopez’s representational work allows her to share and explore stories, symbols and concepts from ancient cultures and ideologies, as well as provoke thought about the probability of life in other dimensions, multiple universes and galaxies... showing how they are all inter-connected with us here on earth.

She is a core team member, pre-visualization artist and producer of the 1310 Bandits, an award-winning women-lead team of visionary filmmakers creating stories that advocate consciousness and social responsibility.

Lopez founded “What’s Your Elephant,” a movement that creates a safe space for people to use expressive arts. It includes visual and performing arts, creative community building, hands-on projects, workshops and events.

Lopez is one of 4 members of the Artists for Black Lives Matter collective.  Artists for Black Lives Matter #a4blm is a space to express yourself creatively around issues pertaining to Black Lives Matter. A4BLM combines exhibits, workshops, social engagement & peaceful awareness campaigns surrounding Black Lives Matter issues including police brutality and the loss of life due to racial injustice.

A well-rounded curator, Lopez has used her skills for various private group exhibits within South Florida, including working with cultural groups, grassroots initiatives and nonprofits such as African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Arts United, Drag It Out, LadyFest Miami and Spoken Soul Festival.

Known for her community spirit and advocacy, Lopez has donated artwork for fundraising initiatives to support breast cancer awareness and help orphanages in Haiti and Rwanda.

In addition, Lopez runs her independent, award-winning Graphic Design company, Niki Lopez Creative.


Artist Resume

Panelist/Speaker at Black Beauty Symposium, Xavier University, New Orleans, February 2018

Broward Cultural Grant awardee, 2017 in support of ‘What’s Your Elephant’ art exhibition 2018

Sistrunk Artists in Residence, 2017/2018

Broward Cultural Grant awardee, 2016 in support of ‘What’s Your Elephant’ art exhibition 2017

HIRED as guest Curator & programming for African Heritage Cultural Center, Miami January 2017  (curated ‘Resurrecting Venus’ art exhibit & artists talk)

HIRED as Poetry event Programmer & promoter for Arts United (501C3) Non-Profit LGBTQ Arts Group) Fort Lauderdale, January 2017 (developed ‘We Rise’ poetry slam to highlight Black & Brown LGBTQ Poets & bring diversity.

Co-producer & featured artists of 2017 Spoken Soul Festival, Miami FL - Adrienne Arsht Center March 2017

Co-curated & programmed art exhibit & artists talk – Artists for Black Lives Matter in Fat Village – Fort Lauderdale, February 2017

Curator & programming Art + Performance + Community Outreach month-long exhibit at 1310 Gallery, 2008 to the present.

Curatorial and Gallery Intern, Fall 2007 to2008

During Miami Art Basel- the largest art exhibit in the US.  Gallery assistant and help to curator Mark Murphy of Murphy Design from San Diego, California with gallery booth

“Scribble” Murphy Gallery – December 2008, Aqua Wynwood Art Fair

“Know” Murphy Gallery – December 2007, Gen Art Vanguard


Relevant Membership:

Broward Arts Guild- participated in jury-selected group show as well as selected for membership printed book “60th Anniversary Commemorative Members' Book”

Artspace’s Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts original resident member since 2008

Artserve - 1310 Gallery Group membership


Relevant Dates:


May 2017 - “I AM THE ELEPHANT” at Old Dillard Museum, Sistrunk, FL

March 2017 - “Spoken Soul Festival” Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami FL

January 2017 - “Resurrecting Venus” Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami FL

April 2011 – Donated original artwork for a fundraiser event for OVERTOWN RHYTHM & ARTS FESTIVAL

October 2010 – Selected as one of the featured artist for UTV’s “My Art Show”.  Exhibit and filmed interview for TV broadcast

April 2009 - Jury selected to participate in Soffer Collective’s annual poster show “Peep” fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and shown in both Florida and New York

Fall 2007 - Selected resident of Artspace’s Sailboat Bend Artist Community

Curated & Produced Exhibits include:

·      March 2018- “Feminnus: Making our Mark” exhibition honoring Women’s History Month -Cannon Ball Studio for the Arts, Fort Lauderdale (month long: Art + Performance + Community Outreach)


·      July/August 2017- “What’s Your Elephant” exhibition -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale (month long: Art + Performance + Community Outreach)

·       May 20, 2017 – “I Am the Elephant” Emancipation Festival solo exhibition – Old Dillard Museum, Fort Lauderdale

·       July/August 2016- “What’s Your Elephant” exhibition -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale (month long: Art + Performance + Community Outreach)

·       February 2017- “Artists for Black Lives Matter” exhibition + artists talk – Fat Village, Fort Lauderdale

·       January 2017- “Resurrecting Venus” exhibition + curation + artists talk – African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Miami

·       July 18 2015- “The Elephant” -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

·       February 5 2015- “Unspoken” -City of Sunrise Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

·       July 20 2014- “L’éléphant dans la Salle” -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

·       July 20 2013- “Parallels” -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

·       July 21 2012- Culture Clash“ -1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

·       July 16  2011 – “Into the Rabbit Hole”-1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale.  Collaborating with Luzalma Gonzalez of Colabo Fingers. Art Exhibit, performance, workshops

·       July 2010 - “Space, Art + Love” – Group show, performance night, workshop and fund raiser.  Collaborated with Bailes Ferrer’s Flamenco In the Sun event, James Shermer of Broward Cultural Division for artist workshop, and The Renmen Foundation a non-profit organization with a food drive collection for their school/orphanage in Haiti.

·       August 15 2009 – “Colors, Lines & Soul” Multidisciplinary art show, performance, and networking event.  Month long. 1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale.


Jury Selected Exhibits:


October 1, 2011 - BE Inspired! at MoA|FL (Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale)

March 26 2011 - “Spoken Soul Festival” The Stage, Wynwood Miami FL

Sept 18 2010 - Broward Art Guild group show “Abstractions” at Gallery 101

May 16 2009 – “Signs of Oneness” 1310 Gallery

February 19 2009 – “Peep Show” by SOFFER Collective Poster Art Show. Show in South Florida and Japonais Restaurant-Lounge, New York. Selected artwork was printed and sold as a poster benefiting a breast cancer charity.


Live Art:


December 19 2009 -18 Rabbit Gallery. Presented by Wemerge Magazine

October 24 2009 –‘Easels & Turntables’ Kitchen 305, Miami FL

November 19 2008 - Off The Hookah Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL


Solo Exhibits:


May 2017 - “I AM THE ELEPHANT” at Old Dillard Museum, Sistrunk, FL

February 2010 – “Wilton Manor Artwalk” at Copy This Wilton Manor, FL

October 30 2008 –“Mahogany Nights” Miami Gardens, FL

June 29 2008 – “Art of Seduction Sundays” West Palm Beach, FL


Group Exhibits:


January 29 2016 - “Pop! #kinetic” Pompano Citi Centre, Pompano Beach

September 12 2014 - Uncommon Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

April 21 2012 - “Rites of Spring“-1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

February 18 2012 – “Love Thy Neighbor”-1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale

June 18 2011 – “The Lynching Eye” Broward Historical Commission, Fort Lauderdale FL

March 31 2011 – “Sister 2 Sister” Old Dillard Museum, Fort Lauderdale FL

March 26 2011 – “Spoken Soul Festival” The Stage, Wynwood Miami FL

March 10 1011 – “Pieces of Jamaica” the LAC Gallery, Lauderdhill FL

January 29 2011 – “Art Night Pompano”, Pompano, FL

January 22 2011 – “The Ellen Art Show” Gab Studio Wynwood Miami FL

July 9 2009 – “Second on Second” Fort Lauderdale

March 21 2009 – Exhibit- “Don’t Back Down” 1310 Galleries, Fort Lauderdale FL

December 12 2008 – Groups show at BADRUTT Restaurant & Lounge, Miami, FL

November 29 2008– Exhibit “Collision” at 1310 Galleries, Fort Lauderdale FL

April 30 2008– Grand opening of Sailboat Bend Artists Community

March 10 2008 –Sponsored artist booth, North Miami Beach Community Art Festival




May 2017 - Women-Led Film Collective 1310 Bandits Triumphs in the Year of Kali Mah – Miami New Times

March 2017 – Floridas Female-led filmcrew accepts award and screens feature-at Filmapalooza – South Florida Caribbean

March 2017 - Grants help local artists explore new projects - Sun-Sentinel

August 2014 - South Florida Times: L’éléphant dans la Salle - Though Art Woman

July 2014 - Sun Sentinel: L’éléphant dans la Salle

July 2013 – Broward NewTimes: Parallels art exhibit

July 2013 – VoicePlaces feature: Parallels art exhibit

July 2012 – Sun-Sentinel feature: “Are we E.T.?” Entertainment

July 2012 – feature on Arterpillar -South Florida Artists Blog

February 2012 – featured artists on Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth Blog

January 2012 – feature on Arterpillar -South Florida Artists Blog

June 2011 - cover of South Florida Live

June 2011 - article South Florida Times

March 2011 - article South Florida Times

March 2011 – WeMerge Magazine

September 2010 – article The Parklander

July 2010 – City Link – Art Murmur

April 2010- DY Magazine, Philadelphia, PA

March 2010- WeMerge TV interview

October 2008 – Featured artist in WeMerge Magazine

August 2008 – article Sun-Sentinel


Volunteer Experience:


2009 to 2011 Assists Drag It Out non- profit at various events as photographer, show set up assistance, promotions.

2011 Elected board member for Sailboat Bend Civic association.  Help developing website and newsletter. Also created and monitor Facebook page for the group.

2010 – Membership and Events Committee for the Sailboat bend Civic Association

2010 – Contacted The Renmen Foundation to be highlighted and have food collection during a curated exhibit.

2009 – Email/Social media marketing for Sailboat Bend Artists Community.  Created mail chimp account and developed mailing list, and email blasts for events.  Mailing lists consists of local artists, art patrons, organizations, and press. Email updates and show info for monthly shows and workshops, circulating via Facebook, twitter, and other social media.  

2008 – Web designer and programmer for Sailboat Bend Artists lofts website/directory


Affiliations/Worked with:


Xavier University

Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale

Destination Sistrunk

Broward Art Guild

WeMerge Magazine

Primary Flight

Drag It Out – non profit

The Renmen Foundation – non profit

Project Witness – non profit

South Florida Artist Association – non profit

Artistic Production

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Be Organic

Bailes Ferrer

Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

Women Arts – non profit

VSA Florida

Stonewall Education - non profit

Spoken Soul Festival (SWAN)

LadyFest Miami




2017/2018 – Sistrunk Artist in Residency in partnership with Destination Sistrunk & HACFL

2015 – Multiple dates for What’s Your Elephant Workshop

August  2014 – What’s Your Elephant Workshop

July 2013 – Full day workshop/ community outreach “Cultivating Creativity” facilitated at the 1310 Gallery with the FLITE Center

September 2012 – 8 Week Art Teacher residency at Hollywood Elementary via VSA

Dec 2011- Kumba Art Workshop – African American Research


Art Teacher:


Muse Center for the Arts – December – April 2011

VSA Florida - The State Orginzation on Arts & Disabilities.  Multiple residencies since 2010.

Including residency completed June 2017 at the Broward Youth Treatment Center - I worked on a mural with the boys during a 10 hour program.

Private contract - Art teacher for elders and summer youth arts program at Lauderdale Lakes Senior Center





The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Bachelor of Science

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation: September 2009

GPA: 3.7


Relevant Coursework:

Artist as an Entrepreneur Alumni June 2012

Certification program via Broward Cultural Division



Color Theory

Art History

Painting I, II, III


Major was graphic design, however utilized my electives towards painting classes as well as being self-taught.


Education Intern, Summer 2008


Graphic design and photography for NBC 6/Telemundo 51

Developed logos, branding, design

Photography for T.V. talent

Miramar, FL





·       The Steve Kramer Award for Community Service, 2014 & 2015, Nominated by Artspace USA

·       2015 & 2016 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner.  Represented South Florida in the Filmapaloza

·       2017 Awarded best Movie poster design by Miami/Ft Lauderdale 48 Hour Film Project

·       Lou Peters Award (Highest Civilian Humanitarian award)2004

by Federal Bureau of Investigation


Special Skills:

Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Social Media, Wordpress, Video Editing & Arts Event Coordinating.


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