Lily Nava

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Lotus Dream, 2017 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 40" © Lily Nava Gallery
ORACLE, May 2016 Acrylics On Canvas 40" X 30" X 1" Inches © Lily Nava Gallery
Atlantian Vision, 2015-ORIGINAL SOLD-GICLEE AVAILABLE Acrylics On Canvas 40" X 30" © Lily Nava Gallery
Vintage Mermaid Acrylics On Canvas With High Gloss Varnish © 30 Inches x 24 Inches
Gaia, 2014 Acrylics On Canvas 40 X 30 X 1 Inches © Lily Nava
Earth Song, 2014, orginal sold, limited edition giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 40 X 30 X 1 Inches © Lily Nava
California Love, 2017 Acrylics On Canvas 40" X 30" © Lily Nava Gallery
Oneness, 2011 Acrylics On Canvas 48" X 36" © Lily Nava
Enchanted Forest, 2014 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 24" © Lily Nava
Wonderland, 2014 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 24" X 30" © Lily Nava
Touch, 2014 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 24" © Lily Nava
Illuminata I, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 36 " X 48" © Lily Nava Gallery
Illuminata II, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 36" X 48" © Lily Nava Gallery
Quantum Awakening, 2014 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 40" © Lily Nava
Ancient Rain, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 30"X 24" © Lily Nava Gallery
Edge of Eternity, September 2008 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 40 X 30 © Lily Nava
Nirvana, 2008 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 40 X 30 © Lily Nava Gallery 2008
Alpha & Omega, 2015 Acrylics 36" X 48" © Lily Nava Gallery 2015
Synchronicity, 2013 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 40" © Lily Nava
Quest for the Peal, 2006 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 40" © Lily Nava
Fairies Paradise, 2008 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 30 X 40 © Lily Nava Gallery
On Call, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 20" X 24" © Lily Nava Gallery
Journey, 2009 Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 40" © Lily Nava
Peace is the Way, 2013 2012 16" X 20" © Lily Nava
Divine Induction, 2005 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 24" © Lily Nava
Mystic Forest, 2004 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 30" X 24" © Lily Nava
Prism Dance, 2004 original sold. giclee available Acrylics On Canvas 24" X 36" © Lily Nava
Reality of a Dream, 2013 Acrylics On Canvas 16" X 20" © Lily Nava
Quick Facts
Bronx, NYC
Lives in
Irvine, CA
Works in
Irvine, CA
Representing galleries
Wyland Gallery/Laguna Beach, Light Space Time, Lily Nava Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, Lark Gallery, Tortuga Gallery
mystical, Luminous, sea ocean mermaid figurative, planetary, fine-art, curator, cosmic, abstract fantasy, angel, fairytale, Mermaid, painting
Artist Bio-Lily Nava

Fusionartist and Fine Artist    

     (562) 201-0549 Studio

Artist Statement:  I love that art has no boundaries and that anything is possible. 

About the ArtistLily is an accomplished, self-taught, visionary artist currently residing in Southern California. Her art work is transformative and filled with the intangibles of her emotions through color, movement and luminosity. Her paintings are charged with positive energy, while expressing an overwhelming sense of tranquility. Viewers are transported to mystical, light filled, other-worldly dreamscapes, where they become the story teller, as they linger inside the images, seeking answers to their own life’s questions.

Her works are influenced by the Fusionart style of painting, which is founded in European painting technology. What is poured onto her canvas is the emotional and spiritual energy of the artist, fusing with whatever is longing to be expressed. When viewers gaze into her works, they are drawn into an expansion of that creative exchange to feel and share the artistic expression of what is revealed. It becomes a living transaction, a relationship and heartfelt connection. Her works are fused with acrylic paint and mixed media; she uses rags, hands-on painting, dry brush and glazing techniques to carve out the images that take residence on her canvas; which have been said to "transcend the human plane."

Since 2010, Lily’s images have been juried into humanitarian artist calls such as "The Peace Project" which is curated by the Whole 9 Gallery in Los Angeles. She donates her images every year to raise funds to elevate world peace, assist humanity and build communities. ,  

Her "earthly" art won over the juror panel at "Sustainable Silicon Valley" Art Expo", held at NASA Research Center in Mountain View, CA, which called on artists to submit images for planetary sustainability; she has been invited back every year since 2013 to have her images included in the ongoing building of the vision for planetary solutions.

Lily has also received multiple awards from Light, Space and Time Gallery in recognition of her unique images and other-worldly creations.  The gallery has also honored her accomplishments as a "Featured Artist".

For the past few years, Lily has been actively curating art exhibitions, in Orange County, CA, consulting with artists and galleries to provide instruction on the placement of art, social media and the "Business of Art".  Lily currently offers Art Business Consultant Services, go to!art-business-consultant-orange-county/cub3 for services and pricing.

Her works have been exhibited and continue to be exhibited and collected across the USA. To see more of Lily’s works, visit her website at

Contact Lily's Studio:  562-201-0549 cell



 Curated  Exhibits and/or Installations

"The Art of Well-Being" Earth Day Event @South Coast Plaza April 22-23, 2017

"Art Groove: Free Your Mind and Shine" guest curator/artist and venue selection 2016/2017

"Abstractions of Color" solo exhibition for Felix DeQuesada, Gallery @Promenade at Anaheim, CA June 2015 to October 2015

"Prescribed by Fire" solo exhibition for Lydia Arbizo, CIM Gallery, Anaheim, CA February 2015 to April 2015

"Nature, Human and Urban Joys", Curator for Lark Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, at CIM Gallery, October 2014 to January 2014

"New World", A Collection of Paintings by Aazam Irilian, CIM Gallery, Anaheim, CA, August 2014 to October 2014

"What is in a Color?" artworks by Felix De Quesada, CIM Gallery, Anaheim, CA, May 2014 to July 2014

"Visions of the Inner Landscape" artworks by Rickey Hoafnagel, CIM Gallery, Anaheim, CA, January 2014 to April 2014

"Just Believe" by Lily Nava, Solo Exhibition, CIM Gallery, Anaheim, CA, August 2013 to January 2014


2017 MUFON Symposium: Juried Art Exhibition: JW Marriott, 9090 Alta, Las Vegas, NV (July 20-23, 2017)

South Coast Plaza, "The Art of Wellness" Earth Day Event @Origins, 3333 S. Bristol, Costa Mesa (April 22-23, 2017)

Huntington Beach Art Center Museum, "Centered on the Center" Group Exhibit (Jan. 28th to March 4, 2017)

Wonderland Gallery, 107 E. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV,  at The Arts Factory (February 2017) 

Whole 9 Gallery, "Sacred Waters" juried art exhibit, 3830 Main St, Culver City, (Oct  8th to Nov 30th, 2016)

Light Space Time Gallery, Open Juried Exhibit, Special Merit Award for "Lotus Dream" (October 2016)

Light Space Time Gallery, Figurative Exhibit, Special Merit Award for "Oracle" (July 2016)

Las Laguna Gallery, 577 S. Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA, Featured Artist in '"THE POWER OF THREE" (June 2 to 30, 2016)

Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Art Groove: Free Your Mind and Shine Art Exhibit (May/June 2016)

Wyland Studio Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, Guest Artist - Solo Exhibition (March 3, 2016)

Light Space Time Gallery, All Women, Special Recognition Award for "Atantian Vision" (January 2016)

Whole 9 Gallery, The Peace Project, "Peace Rising", travelling exhibit, juried image "Divine Induction" locations include LA, Chelsea, NYC (Sept 2015 to Nov. 2015)

2015 MUFON Symposium: Juried Exhibit, Irvine Jamboree Ctr/OC Sept 25-27

2015 West Summit, Art/Showcase/Expo, Juried Exhibit, May/June 2015

Las Lagunas Gallery, "A Step Into Spring", featuring "Enchanted Forest" May 7-30, 2015

Light Space and Time Gallery, "All Women" juried exhibition, featuring "Alpha & Omega" March 2015

Light Space and Time Gallery, Featured Artist,, January 2015

Whole 9 Gallery, The Peace Project, Peace Starts Here, travelling exhibit, juried image "Earth Song" (Sept 2014 to Nov. 2014)

Lark Gallery Online (represented artist), Los Angeles, CA (2014-ongoing)

2014 West Summit, Art Showcase/Expo, "The Future of Silicon Valley" Juried Exhibit, NASA Res.Center (May to Oct. 2014)

Light Space Time Gallery, Figurative Exhibition, Award for "Touch' (May 2014)

Life in Colors, Pop Up Art Exhibition, 6567 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (March 29, 2014)

Lark Gallery, Portal of Opportunities IV, Los Angeles, CA (March 2014)

Karpeles Museum, Heaven and Earth Art Exhibition, 21 West Anapamu, Santa Barbara, CA (March 1, 2014 to June 2014)

Art Crawl Experience, Anaheim: Art Exhibit/Paint Live, Center Street Promenade, Anaheim (Feb. 8, 2014)

Healing Art Yoga Mats at The Yoga Mat Studio, 209 Center St, Anaheim, CA (Nov. 2013)

CIM Gallery, "Just Believe" Solo Exhibit, 184 W. Center St. Art Crawl: Nov 9th at 6pm (Aug 2013 to Jan  2014)

Healing Art Yoga Mats @Dr. Jay's Fight Obesity Walk, Irvine Regional Park, Irvine, CA: (Nov. 10, 2013)

Whole 9 Gallery, Peace Project 2013, Peace Love & Understanding (travelling exhibit): Affair of the Arts, Culver City; Art Zone 461, San Francisco; 29 Pieces, Dallas TX; Landmark Arts, Chelsea, NY; Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City (Sept. 2013 to Nov. 2013)

Las Laguna Gallery, "Healing Art" Yoga Mats at 815 Laguna Canyon Rd. Laguna Beach, CA (Sept. 7th and 19th, 2013)

Las Laguna Gallery, “All Things Considered” juried exhibit (Aug 2013)

2013 MUFON Symposium: Juried Exhibit, JW Marriott, Las Vegas, NV (July 2013)

2013 West Summit, Solutions Fair/Art Expo, “Visualize Sustainable Future”, NASA Res. Center (May 2013)

Light Space Time Gallery, Abstracts Juried Exhibition, Award for “Artist’s Challenge (April 2013)

Bridge to the Soul-Artists Consider Rumi, AY Atelier Gallery/Art4AllPeople, Malibu, CA (March 2013)

Light Space Time Gallery, Nature Juried Exhibition, Award for “Ancient Light” (Feb 2013)

Showcase Gallery, South Coast Metro (Dec 2012)

Avant Garden Gallery, Santora Arts Building, Santa Ana (Dec 2012)

Light Space Time Gallery, Seasons Exhibit, Award for “Abundance” (Nov 2012)

Linus Gallery, Pasadena, Motion Exhibit-Juried, “Illuminata I” (Oct  2012)

Light Space Time Gallery, Open Exhibition, Award for “Reunited” (Sept  2012)

Whole 9 Gallery, Peace Project 2012, Make Peace (traveling exhibit) : Artwalk, TX; Landmark Art Bldg, NY, Affaire in the Garden, Beverly Hills; Gallery Expo, Long Beach; Showcase Gallery, South Coast Metro; Art4All People, Malibu, Swarm Gallery, San Francisco (Sep 2012-Feb 2013).

Linus Gallery, Pasadena, Freedom Exhibit, “Synchronicity” (Aug 2012)

Light Space Time Gallery, Abstracts Exhibit, Award for "To Gaze Within" (July 2012)

Showcase Gallery, South Coast Metro, Exhibition (May-July 2012)

Festival of Goddesses, Festival of Arts Forum Theatre, Laguna Beach (March 2012))

Light Space Time Gallery, Landscapes Exhibit, Award for “Timeless” (Mar 2012)

Healing Arts Exhibit, Custom Yoga Mats,  Irvine Crossroads LA Fitness (Feb 2012)

Light Space Time Gallery, All Women Exhibit, Award for “The Offering” (Jan 2012)

Light Space Time Gallery, Seascapes Exhibit, Award for “Quest for the Pearl” (Dec  2011)

Whole 9 Gallery, Peace Project 2011, Peace  Rising  (traveling exhibit) Expo Arts Center, Long Beach, Swarm Gallery, Bay Area, Aperture Gallery, New York, and  Showcase Gallery, South Coast Metro ( Oct. 2011 –Jan  2012).

Light Space Time Gallery, Elements Exhibition, Award for “Ancient Rain” (Nov. 2011)

Whole 9 Gallery, Peace Project 2010, Peace Project Mosiac (traveling exhibit):  Meridian Gallery, San Francisco  and; Max Lange Gallery, New York (Sept 2010 to Nov 2010).

Las Vegas Artists Guild, Artspace Gallery Exhibit (May 2010 -July 2010)

Las Vegas Artists Guild, Summertime Blues Exhibit ( June 2010 - August 2010)

Quantum Leap, Fusionart International Exhibit, Burbank (2009)

White Square Gallery, Las Vegas, “Artists’ Rising” Project Exhibition (2009)
So Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Regional Juried Exhibition, “Edge of Eternity” (May 2009)

Arts Factory, Las Vegas, Fusionart Exhibit (2008)

Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA, Fusionart Exhibit, (2008)

James Gray Gallery, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica (2008)

Sedona Arts Center, Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Exhibit (2007)

Showcase Gallery, OCFA, South Coast Metro (2007)

GumptionFest, Sedona, AZ (2007)

Fusionart International Festival, Malibu (2006)

Pacific Arts Center, Santa Monica (2006)

Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles (2005)


Glenbrook South HS, Glenview, IL, “Synchronicity” licensed as the art for the "Variety Show" musical production (2017)

West Summit,  "Alpha & Omega" & "Enchanted Realm" licensed as the art for Event Magazine/Brochure  (2015)

Art, Do You Want to Talk About It?" E-Zine Article  (published December 2013)

Artists Portfolio Magazine, "Landscapes" (2013)

The Peace Project,  Whole 9 Gallery, LA, Published 2010, 2011, 2012, 22013 and 2014

AY Ateylier Gallery, Malibu, CA, E-Interview  March 2013

Bridging Heaven & Earth International Healing Art Project, Creative House Press, 2010   , 2009

Op Ed News, March 2009,

Vegas Magazine,“Artists’ Rising Project Exhibition”, March/April 2009,

Sedona Artists Online-Art Galleries, 2009. .

MTB Studio, New York, “Fairies Paradise” 2008, Midsummer Night’s  Dream,

Heaven to Earth Art Project, 2008-2014