Joey Bargsten

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Trialog, Screenshot #1, September, 2011 Digital Image 1168 X 683 Pixels © © mmxi, Joey Bargsten
trialog Screenshot #2, September 2011 Digital Image 1168 X 683 © © mmxi Joey Bargsten
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
digital media, interactive media, experimental art, digital media voodoo, bargsten, joey bargsten, Experimental Dance, Inkub8 Performance Space,, Quartz Composer

The music by composer/media artist Joey Bargsten has been performed by the Indianapolis Symphony and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and has been broadcast on National Public Radio’s International Concert Hall.

His website BAD MIND TIME(tm) ( has received awards from New Media and PRINT magazines, and won the audience award at the Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media.  It has been included in digital media exhibitions internationally.

Bargsten taught at University of Iowa, Georgia Tech, Atlanta College of Art and University of Oregon before his current position at Florida Atlantic University, where he recently founded the experimental media ensemble meme(tm).

meme(tm)—mEDIA eXPERImENTAL eNSEMBLE(tm)—is a live performance group created and directed by Joey Bargsten of FAU's School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. Comprised of students from Interactive Multimedia and Creating Interactive Culture courses taught by Prof. Bargsten, meme™ explores new and emerging expressive forms created by combining music, sound design, video, animation, and narrative elements, using contemporary digital technology and a variety of performance techniques. Downloads of video jams and soundtracks by meme(tm) are available on iTunes (

Bargsten recently published his first book, Experimental Media Voodoo(tm) (at ), which is available online at a ridiculous price at under the more august title, Hybrid Forms and Syncretic Horizons.