Asida Cheng

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Nice work. The texture in some of them is absolutely fantastic.
Comment by: Mario Carmona on Monday 10/25/10 at 8:35 AM
Thanks for your comment
I love your art too.
Comment by: Mohammed Al Kurdi on Sunday 10/03/10 at 2:07 AM
Thanks for u comment, u have nice art. as regard selling of art you log in and go to my page on left side there is atab add works for sale follow instructs. all the best
Comment by: M Lokeswara Rao on Sunday 09/19/10 at 7:29 PM
Thank you, Asida
I like your work. "Endless Love" is my favorite. The colors are sweet and warm. Marcia
Comment by: marciasweet note: complains were rude on Saturday 09/18/10 at 10:33 PM
Thanks for your comment
Thanks for your comment. I love your Shangrila!
Comment by: Helene Kippert on Tuesday 09/14/10 at 8:05 PM