Michael Ferris Jr.

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Something for everyone at Bucheon's "Coming Attractions"  
Olive Ayhens, Lordan Bunch, David Choong Lee, Laurel Connell, Jacqueline Cooper, Christina Empedocle, Eckhard Etzold, Michael Ferris Jr., Robert Hardgrave, Martha Sue Harris, Gordon Henderson, Dan Keith, Alex Luke, Mars1, Dan Nicoletta, Lucho Pozo, Sarah Ratchye, Megan Wolf at Bucheon Gallery January 9th, 2009 - February 13th, 2009
Posted 4/5/09
My next stop was Bucheon Gallery, which was kicking off the new year with a preview of new works by artists familiar, such as Eckhard Etzold (below) and new: Various mediums are represented, including painting, assemblage and works on paper: Among the artists featured was Phillip Dvorak (below): The show, which is meant to emphasize narrative works, is largely figurative, but varies in mood from playful, to somber, to downright dark: The show, which includes work by Lordan Bunch... [more]
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