Rene Capone

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Hedgehog Boy, 2008 Comics © Rene Capone
“Innocence Lost Twice” (Escape by Swan by way of Night), 2012 Watercolor 22"X30" © © Rene Capone
Hide & Seek, 2012 Watercolor 22"X30" © © Rene Capone
Centerfold, 2011 Watercolor 16"X20" © © Rene Capone
Child Like Victim, 2014 Watercolor, Ink, And Color Pencil 22"X30" © 2015 Rene Capone
The Measurement of Time (Orpheous Re- imagined) , 2015 Watercolor & Color Pencil 24"X18" © © 2015 Rene Capone
Zebra Blue angel, 2015 Watercolor & Color Pencil 16"X20" © © 2015 Rene Capone
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Birth year
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San Francisco
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
Parsons School of Design
Representing galleries
611 Hyde Art Department, Art Saves Lives Studio & Gallery, Griffin & Davis
mixed-media, figurative


Figure Artist Rene CaponeBIOGRAPHY
Rene Carol Capone (b. September 22, 1978) is an American painter known for his depiction of the figure with whimsical and mysterious imagery; often used together. He also works with elements from fables stories and myth. A critic once wrote, "Capone's figures in his work appear to be on a deeply personal quest for identity and their place in the world. - Rene whole heartedly agrees.

He attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. Naturally majoring in Fine Arts. Upon completion in 2000 he moved to The San Francisco Bay Area where he currently resides in Oakland.

Private collectors of Capone's work can be found in San Francisco and all over the United States, Canada, Sweden, England, France, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2004 Glaxo Smith Kline became his first corporate collector. 

He self-published a graphic novel "The Legend of Hedgehog Boy" in 2011, a story about a boy who ventures into the woods to find his identity. Other publishing achievements include: "Stripped: The Illustrated Male" from Bruno Gmunder. Rene Artwork has been heavily featured in RFD Magazine, Blue, XY, The Wilde Literary Journal. In 2015 The Advocate interviewed Rene with cultural critic Adam Sandel. Most recently K-OODI Art Magazine from Helsinki, Finland featured his art in their spring issue. 

In 2015 Rene had multiple bone replacement procedures. Currently, he is recovering from those surgeries and working on a new art series titled "The Zebra Boy Chronicles" The show was organized in 2016 and he began curating pop up art galleries at The 611 Hyde Art Department. 


I am a figure painter and story teller. I believe in the power of the recognizable human form to universally express and inspire. The familiarity in the human form asks us to evaluate our own experiences.

In my work I weave familiar elements of story and myth into vibrantly colored figure paintings. Within these paintings are fictional characters that have to find their own voices. It is my hope that my visual audience can find their voice with them.

“When one creates, the endless noise surrounding us gets worked through, and for a time, the world makes sense. After it is done, you have something that communicates. he greatest themes in life are explored through art. Love, hate, jealousy, fear, anger, passion and anything else you can imagine. I believe an artist's job is to tell these stories."