Greg Johnson

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Tropical #108 Mercedes And Acrylic Urethane 2'x18"
Left In The Corner Auto Parts, Acrylic Urethane, Neon 4' X 12.5'
Comfort Zone Auto Parts, Acrylic Urethane 56" X 45"
Ascot Auto Parts, Acrylic Urethane 55" X 45"
Broach Auto Parts, Acrylic Urethane 63" X 58"
Opal Essence Auto Parts, Acrylic Urethane 5' X 5'
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Wichita, KS
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Wichita, KS
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Automotive figurative sculpture

Greg Johnson Sculpture personal autobiography;

  It's me, Greg Johnson, buisness owner, artist, sculptor.
 It all started in 1967. High school years, helping out in a neighborhood body shop. Then body work became a way to pay for college. I wanted to be a marine biologist. "Right kid", take some buisness courses, gag. By 1975 I'd become a master of auto collision repair and painting. Work hard. Play hard.
 First, acrylics on canvas surprised everyone. Then in 1979 I dumped all of my equity into opening "Auto Body Complex". The buisness survived, the reputation has always been good. However, I have found like most of us, that each success may find a void when things level off. In my case that void was a suppressed drive to bend my skills to creation of sculpture. There is no lack of skill or creativity required to restore a crunched vehicle back to pre-wrecked condition. Creating and repairing are parallel with very different outcomes. To repair is problem solving to duplicate the original. To create is problem solving toward an unknown and dynamic end.
 In 1996 I added "Greg Johnson Sculpture" to my buisness, hoping to eventually replace collision repair with sculpture. In the 15 years since launching my sculpture dream my local reputation has bloomed,  my portfolio is bulging with unique creations, and it's time for me to get known in the art world. If I have to continue working hands on in my body shop, which is my  M.O., my artwork will suffer. And that breaks my heart. "Hello world". Here is Greg Johnson Sculpture.

Twitter: @GJSculpture

Facebook: Greg JohnsonComfort ZoneTwister