Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

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Female Archaeology, 2012 Stainless Steel Table, Hand Made Cocoons In Wooden Boxes, Stiffened And Waxed Burlap Shape, Animal Wool, Sketch Book, Container Of Water 41x40x25 Inches
Sself Portrait 2015, 2015 Assemblage
Erased In The Wash Installation
Folded, Tied, Knotted and Stacked - The Package Project, 2010 Paper, Beeswax, Twine Varies
Inheritance, 2013 Found Washer Wringer, Digital Photographs On Vellum, Hair, Wooden Base 55 X 30 X 21 Inches
Descent Home, 2011 Paper, Olive Oil, Tea Varies
Organic Female Objects, 2011 S Teel Wool Varies © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Body Language, 2011 Mixed Media
Herd, 2012 Natural Wool, Collage 6 Pieces 8" X 6" Each © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Untitled, 2012 Stiffened Burlap, Wood, Audio 14 Ft. X 5ft.
Self Portrait #21 Tribal Series, 8/2012 Digital Photography 22 X 16 Inches
Self Portrait #22, Tribal Series, 8/2012 Digital Photography 22 X 16 Inches
Arm Chair, 2011 Mixed Media © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Steel Wool Garment, 2011 Steel Wool 72" X 38" X 5" © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Domestic Duality , 2012 Archival Pigment Prints 10 X 8 Inches Each © Courtesy of the artist and DINA MITRANI GALLERY
Learned Behavior, 2011 Human Hair, Clay, Twine, Oil On Wood © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Behind Our tutus, 2010 Silk, Oil, Computer Manipulated Photo Images On Linen Varies © Patricia Schnall Gutierrez
Diva 3- Make Me, 2010 Acrylic On Linen 66' X 56"
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Buffalo, NY
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SUNY Buffalo
mixed-media, installation, performance, modern, figurative, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance


My work remains focused on the exploration of the contemporary feminine character based on traditional, political and personal circumstances. The work, post-minimal and conceptual in nature, ranges from  two-dimensional and installation to performance and collaborative projects.  The content reveals an intimate commentary on a variety of  issues of the modern world, the role of women and personal life stories.  

  The choice of execution and materials is essential to accentuate the intent of each particular piece: hundreds of filled plastic garbage bags hung on shower hooks, draped washing machine tubing with sounds of home, paper packages constructed alongside volunteers, intimately photographed domestic portraits, drawings, paintings and interactive public works, all contributing to the larger collective dialogue they are inspired by.   

The ontological conceptualization of women continues to unfold in the twenty-first century.  Through my various work, I strive to create an awareness of how women have been defined in the past and the insight this knowledge offers us as we move forward.


after generation, our roles and duties as women are deeply ingrained in us.  Our identities and validations, often defined by others, leave us with inner conflicts.  Our mothers and grandmothers perpetuate definitions of us as women  that are created by society and religion, justifying their own roles and activities based on these expectations.  My work explores these dilemmas: the feminine character defined through beauty, clothing, social conduct, and religion; the stereotypical roles we assume as women, mothers, caretakers and professionals; and the myriad consequences we face as a result.

The materials I choose to work with accentuate the intent of each of my pieces. I use non-traditional materials, such as steel wool, tracing paper, natural twines and hair, for their inherent opposing qualities of delicacy and strength. Each may be used separately or in tandem with others in various objects, two-dimensional work, installations, and performance pieces. Through these various works, I strive to create an awareness of how women have been defined in the past and the insight this knowledge gives us as we move forward. 




Patricia Schnall Gutierrez


Born in Buffalo, NY










1977    SUNY at Buffalo, B.F.A. (cum laude) Buffalo, NY


1988    New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, New York, NY










2013    Body, Maps and Territories, Personal Geographies,


            Aluna Art Foundation, Miami, FL         


2012    Domestic Duality, Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, FL


2010    HB Home, East Hampton, NY


2008    Lurie Gallery, Miami, FL


2005    Puccio Gallery, New York, NY


2003    Maurice M. Pine Gallery, Fair Lawn, NJ


2002    Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ


2001    Hopper House, Nyack, NY


1999    Studio 4 West Gallery, Piermont, NY


1998    Studio 4 West Gallery, Piermont, NY










2013  62nd Annual All Florida Juried competition and Exhibition, Boca Raton Museum of Art,     


          Boca Raton, FL 


          Altered Landscape, Lowe Art Museum, Featured Artist, University of Miami, FL


          Whiskey and Rye, The Nightclub, curated by Amalia Caputo, Miami Design


          District, Miami, FL


          Incognito, Patti and Joe Baker Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL


          Art Wynwood, MADA New Media, RPM Project, Miami, FL


          Annual Interest, Knight Gallery - Young At Art Museum, Hollywood FL


          Who Does She Think She Is, curated by Eddie Negron, Delray Beach, FL


2012  Anne- Marie Was Here…, RPM Project, The Screening Room, Miami, FL 


          Context – Art Miami Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami Art Basel


          Art Live Fair, RPM Project, invited performance artists, Miami FL


          IRREVERSIBLE Magazine - Cover Feature 2012 Winners Exhibition, Juried by


          Carol Damian, Bernice Steinbaum, Carlos Suarez de Jesus, Wynwood Exhibition


          Center, Miami, FL,


          MADA New Media Art Festival, RPM Project, Dot FiftyOne gallery, Miami, FL


          From Cutler To Paris, curated by Kim Yantis, Deering Estate, Cutler Bay, FL


          Wrapt Attention, curated by Jill Slaughter, Pembroke Pines, FL


          Memories of the Oikos - The House Re-Presented, Centro Cultural Espanol,


          by Adriana Herrera and Willy Castellanos, Miami,FL


          Appropriated Gender, ( list of jurors on request) Ft. Lauderdale, FL


          2012 Biennial: Florida Installation Art, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL


          61st annual all Florida Juried Competition, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca


          Raton,FL  Juror:Valerie Oliver, Senior Curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum,


          Houston, TX


          Women’s Perspectives – Sumer Group Show, Dina Mirani Gallery, Miami FL


2011  Biennial Six, Museum of Florida Art, curator, Bernice Steinbaum, Deland, FL 


          2407 – The House Inside My Head, RPM PROJECTS, installation performance 


          collaboration, Wynwood Art Fair.Miami, FL


          Bare Essentials: Minimalism in the 21st Century, Woman Made Gallery   Chicago, IL


          Structured, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL


          Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL


          60th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, Boca Raton


          Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL


          What Appears to Be, LMNT Gallery, Miami, FL


          Note, Art Box Gallery, Indianapolis, IN


          Incognito, Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL


          Art and Sole, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL


          Texas National 2011, Cole Art Center/ SFA State University School of Art,


          Nacogdoches, TX


          The Conversation Starts Here, Graham Center Art Gallery, Miami, FL


          International University, Miami, FL


          Friends of Art, Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL


2010  AQUA Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami, FL


          Sin, Audrey   Love Gallery, Juried by Miami’s   Major Art Museum Directors and  


          Curators, Miami, FL


          The Dolls House, The Women’s Park, Miami, FL


          Miami, FL


          RUTA, Juried Exhibition honoring Mexico’s Bicentennial, Miami, FL


          59th Annual all Florida Juried Competition, Juror, Linda Norden, Boca Raton    


          Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL


          Florida Contemporary 2010, Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL


          Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA


          MIA Art Fair 2010, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL


2009  AQUA Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami, FL


          RED DOT Art Fair, D&G Art Design Gallery, Miami, FL


          Sensory Overload, BAC Gallery, Miami, FL


          D&G Art Design Gallery, Miami, FL


          5 x 7 BAC Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL


          Fresh Paint, BAC Gallery, Miami FL


          Select Four/Collective Consciousness, BAC Gallery, Miami FL


2008  RAW art space, Midtown Art Fairs, Miami, FL


          Art Rouge Gallery, Miami FL


          Lurie Gallery, Miami, FL


          Lurie Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA


          RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY


          Puccio Gallery, New York, NY


2007  Lurie Art Gallery, Miami FL


          RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY


2006  Puccio Gallery, New York, NY


2005  Synagogue for the Arts Gallery, New York, NY


          Puccio Gallery, New York, NY


          Cultural Center of River Vale, River Vale, NJ


2004  Paterson Museum, Interacting Expressions, Market St.  Paterson, NJ


2003  Rice/Pollak Gallery, Provincetown, MA


2002  Williamsburg Art Center, Presentations, Brooklyn, NY


          Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY


2001  The Gallery at Media Productions International, New York, NY


          Rice/Pollak Gallery, Provincetown, MA  


2000  Phoenix Gallery, Juried Competition, New York, New York, Juror: Christine


          Villasenor, Assistant Curator, Guggenheim Museum


          World Fine Art, New York, NY


          Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY


1999  Waterside Gallery, West Stockbridge, MA


          Manhattan Transfer, 5th Ave. New York, NY


          John Harmes Center for the Arts, Five Women Artists, Englewood, NJ


1998  Mostly Glass Gallery, Featured Artist, Englewood, NJ


          93 South Art Gallery, Invitational, Nyack, NY


          Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY










Irreversible Magazine: Cover Featured Winner, 2012


Art Districts Magazine : Open Call Winner featured artist June/July 2012 issue


Boca Raton Museum of Art: Award of Merit, Organic Female Forms, 2012


Finalist: Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs Visual Arts   


Fellowship 2012


Finalist: Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs Visual Arts   


Fellowship 2012


Art Slant Showcase winner 2012, sculpture category, 2011,installation category,


painting category


Award of Excellence - Museum of Florida Art, Biennial Six Exhibition 2011 










2013 Diario Las Americas, Mujeres artistas crean obras a partir de sus cuerpos, Aluna CuratorialCollective,February, 2013 


2012 Art Districts, Memories of the Oikos, by Jesus Rosado




2012 Channel 10 News "Wrapt Attention" interview with artists




2012 ArtSlantWatchlist Artist8/2012:


2012  Nuevo Herald: Mujeres en la cámara oscura ante el mundo, by Adriana Herrera, July 1, 2012, image: Domestic Duality:


2012 Art Districts Magazine : Featured Artist, by Irina Layva-Perez, June/July 2012 issue, pgs. 18 – 21, multiple images included


2012 Sun Sentinel: Featured Artist, Sunday entertainment Section, June 24. 2012, Image: Domestic Duality:


2011Art Pulse International Contemporary Art, Fall 2011, Review by Irina Layva-Perez, pg. 74-75, What appears To Be , LMNT - Miami2011 Art Pulse International Contemporary Art, Fall 2011, Review by Irina Layva-Perez, pg. 74-75, What appears To Be , LMNT - Miami


2011  International Survey, Author: Jeffrey Crussell, Catalogue Image: Body Language


2010  Interior Design  International magazine, September/October, 2010, Image: Ballet, Costal Development New York, NY


2010 Luxe Interiors and Design, South Florida, Volume 8, issue 4, fall 2010 pg. 233, Familiar Territory, Home of John and Doris Sullivan, work by Patricia Schnall Gutierrez represented by Cancio Contemporary,  Image: Gender Roles


2010 Art Districts, Florida, Magazine, June-July 2010, Vol. 1, No. 6, Florida Artists At the Naples Museum of Art, Review by Tamar Mitchell, Image: Behind Our Tutus.


2010 Florida Weekly, June 3-9, 2010, Arts and Entertainment, A Must See at the Art Museum, Florida Contemporary 2010, Review by Peg Goldberg Longstreth, Image: Behind Our Tutus


2010, Puccio Gallery, New York, NY


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2008 Exhibition Catalogue, BAC Gallery, Fresh Paint, Miami FL


2008 Wynwood Magazine, April 2008, Abstraction: New Work, Image: Self Portrait #2


2008 Symposium Magazine, April, 2008, Patricia S. Gutierrez, Lurie Art Gallery, Full Page Image: Self Portrait 1,2, 3


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2001 The Rockland Journal News, November 2001, Hopper House Exhibit features Patricia Gutierrez


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1999 Rockland Review, April 1999, Womanhood, Works by artist Patricia Schnall Gutierrez


1998 Spur Magazine, Inside Studio 4 West, Image: Young Boy, front cover.


















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