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VINTAGE, 2010 Oil On Canvas Medium Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
SLEEPLESS DREAM, 2007 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
SLEEPLESS DREAM II, 2008 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
TRANSPARENT, 2007 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
UNTITLED, 2010 Oil On Canvas Medium Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
PEACEFUL REFLECTION, 2007 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
AUTUMNS COLD SHOULDER, 2009 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 24 X41 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
SUNSETS KISS, 2009 Oil On Canvas 22 X32 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
LONELY GIRL, 2009 Oil On Canas Small Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
LIBERTY THEN AND NOW, 2009 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas Large Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
VIGIL IN UNITY, 2008 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 48 X32 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
STALKING TIGER, 2007 Oil On Acryic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © LIMITED EDITION PRINTS
KING OF BEASTS, 2007 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
LION OF EGYPT, 2008 Oil On Acrylic On Canvas 32 X48 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
MURAL LION, 2009 Acrylic Large 6 Ft © ART BY VELASQUEZ
LION IN THE ROOTS, 2009 Oil On Canvas 22 X33 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
HIDDEN BULL, 2009 Oil On Canvas Medium Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
FROG, 2008 Oil On Canvas 12 X12 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
FROG II, 2009 Oil On Canvas Board Small Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
TURTLE, 2009 Oil On Canvas 12 X12 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
BUTTERFLY, 2010 Oil On Canvas Medium Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
BIRD, 2009 Oil On Canvas Small Size © ART BY VELASQUEZ
PEACOCK, 2010 Oil On Canvas 22 X32 In. © ART BY VELASQUEZ
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Nassau Community College
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
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mixed-media, landscape, surrealism, photography, figurative


My ultimate fascination for nature and all its wonders, from the geometry of single celled organisms to images from the Hubble deep field telescope is the reason why I paint, this is what generates my creative engine to explore. My goal is to share my unique form of combining these powerful images, patterns and colors in order to manifest my translation of visual rhythm.
   The decisions I make throughout the course of composing my artwork is as follows, I try to keep the beginning of the painting very free forming almost sporadic in nature usually waiting until the whole  canvas is covered with paint to initialize the first of many conscious decisions. I then choose which  techniques I will employ and after that process analyze the puzzle to figure out a theme, but sometimes the theme is revealed at a much earlier stage, than at that point the artwork evolves from that particular revelation.
   My current body of work grows from my prior creations with a gained confidence over this medium. For the past few years I've been experimenting with oil I have learned to balance the properties of acrylic and oil with a goal to master their distinct effects in comparison to the effects gained by graphite pencil, which was my first tool that inspired all of my original creations. I have found that both are the same but different only in the final overall vibration, finding also a whole new universe of possibilities, textures and agility, from this incredible medium.
Luis Carlos Velasquez
Visual Artist 


Hello my name Luis Carlos Velasquez and I'm a visual artist.I'm 34 years old and a Long Island native with Colombian roots.I grew up in Freeport N.Y. and graduated from Freeport High School, also attending art classes at Nassau Community College and at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York. I later enlisted in the U.S.Airforce and served as a reserve until 2006.
Since 2007 painting has been my full time job and thankfully my career as an artist is blooming rapidly, Having exibiting and selling art work in galleries in New york and privately,also being contracted to do numerous murals. I currently try to maintain a large collection of artwork in three different themes, Abstract, surrealism and figurative. Most all of these works are for sale not including a few I will maintain in my private collection.

I have been drawing since a very young age and I'm a compulsive sketcher. I save every sketch even if its on a napkin or whatever and go back to them for inspiration in my larger more elaborate work. I believe my art to be a manifestation of a visual meditation at that particular point in time.

In 2008 I joined Ikarus Gallery and Cultural program of Long Island I am also a member of the Long Beach art League, and a member of Long Island Art Council. I post every event and show I do on my blog  and www.artbyvelasquez along with other work I currently have.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in my Art.


Recent Solo, Group exhibits and publications


July 23 2010 Live painting and music along side "Corrientes" band, Borders Farmingdale N.Y.
July 16 2010 Casa Colombian independance day celebration Hempstead N.Y.

June 23 2010 Venetian yacht club Latin art show Babylon N.Y.

June 10 2010 Pais R "Tango" art show along with Ikarus gallery

May 23 2010 Yerbabruja spring community arts festival along with Ikarus gallery Brentwood N.Y.

April 12 2010 Activo 20-30 along with Ikarus gallery Mural

April 2010 Atkinson school N.Y. Career Day and Ulyssas Byass school Art festival

Feb 20th to March 19th 2010 private mural south freeport N.Y.

Oct 6th Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Theodore Roosevelt Executive
& Legislative office building

Sept 19th Long Island Art Council Cuban cigarty for the benefit
of the Arts council

Sept 16th Art lecture for the Long Beach Art League
July 19th to Sept 12 Painting 5 murals in Reston, Virginia

April 1st 2009 Molloy College  St. Martin de Porres Cultural Arts Event

March 26 2009 Art Lecture and Exhibit, Nassau Community College

March 5th 2009 Artist reception Bellmore Memorial library "Rebirth of Consciousness"

January 2009  Artist Reception- Ico Gallery, New York "Metamorphosis"

October 2008 Village of Freeport Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

October 16th 2008 Freeport High School Hispanic Day Celebration

June 14th 2008 Artist Reception LRS Gallery Rockville Centre N.Y. “Rebirth of Consciousness”

June 1st 2008 Ulysess Byas Elementary School Art Festival

Page 7 of June 5th 2008 edition of Mundo Hispano News N.Y. N.J.

May 18th 2008 Liver Walk Eisenhower Park , Long Island

May 8th 2008 Caroline G. Atkinson School 8th Annual Career Day

April 14th 2008 NYC 5th Annual Immigrant Heritage Week Celebration

April 2nd 2008 Molloy College St. Martin de Porres Cultural Arts Event

Page 10 of April 1st 2008 The Art Scene

March 27th 2008 John W. Dodd Middle School Career Day

March 16th 2008 The Spring Exhibit Long Beach Art League

March 1st 2008 Inner Spaces Exhibit Long Beach Art League

Page 10 of December 18th 2007 edition Enfoque Latino Long Island

December 2007 Opening Doors to the Americas Brentwood Public Library

October 5th 2007 New York Book Expo Cover Art Remembranzas Poems

Page 13 and 37 of October 4th 2007 Mundo Hispano News N.Y. N.J.

October 2nd 2007 Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Town of Hempstead N.Y.

September 22nd 2007 Artist Reception Solar Café Brentwood N.Y.

September 2nd 2007 Group Exhibit Ikarus Gallery Cultural Program New York Tech Nuestro Muro

September 1st 2007 Group Exhibit Ikarus Gallery Cultural Program New York Causa

Page 47 of August 30th 2007 Mundo Hispano News N.Y.N.J.

July 27th 2007 Group Exhibit Ikarus Gallery Cultural Program El Salvador General Consulate

Page 8 of July 18th 2007 Noticia Hispanoamericana Long Island Edition

July 14th 2007 Group Exhibit Ikarus Gallery Cultural Program Our Walls

June 22nd 2007 Artist Reception Dentro de Nuestra Identidad Casa Global

Artist Review March 2009 by Carol Fischer-Rosenthal


I absolutely love the way Luis surrounds his subject whether animal or human with the most amazing patterns that have wonderful 3-demensional effects and create a very moving environment for his subject matter. The woman's faces are extraordinary.....they are people you are curious about and want to know and understand their story. They have inner depth to them......not just a pretty face,but a real living, breathing, thinking, person who speaks to you.....their lives exposed somehow by the bold reality of the way they are painted. The abstract patterns that form their world furthur tell a story that we can puzzle over and wonder about forever. The animals are magnificently executed, and they have inner depth too,and you feel their hearts beating. You feel the lions and cheetah's are thinking about the world, their condition, or some higher resolve. They are beyond the ordinary animal roaming the jungle or plains....they seem to possess a higher power that is almost human-like.

-Carol Fischer-Rosenthal

Ico Gallery Artist Review Jan. 2009

by Andrew Beckerman


We can begin to look at Luis Velasquez’ art from two vantage points that are perhaps incommensurable, or at least incommensurable from a single rigid outlook, and this is perhaps what is interesting about his artworks. On one hand, there are the figurative components to his paintings which – with flourishes here and there, say the expressionistic colors of “Sleepless Dream” or the cutout quality of the woman in “Vigil in Unity” – very much come out of a long tradition, and thus have ties that go back hundreds of years. The figurative elements of his works, the women and the cats, establish themes that tentacle their way backwards through romanticism and primitivism.At the same time, and within each artwork, there is a facet of abstractness that incongruously plays off of the figurative forms though. It is a difficult proposition to attempt to force these two aspects into unity with each other, though they certainly are in communion. The figurative elements anchor Velasquez’ work in a way that allows the free-form or essentially non-form elements to wind their way around vine like throughout the paintings. Whether this is a conscious ecological element that in the end reinforces the naturalness of the subjects or whether they indeed stand apart from that nature is perhaps undecidable.

-Andrew Beckerman



Tremendous strength, power, and beautiful gradations of warm colors. I love the bull image coming out of this fabulously strong enviroment of bold shapes with wonderful color. I feel the strength of the bull, yet his vulnerability as well,and feel he is doomed despite his power and ferocity, and that makes me sad. Luis really knows his colors, and his shading is superb. I wish that killing the bull wouldn't be a part of Spanish culture, but at the same time, I know that the bull represents, at least in the bull fighting arena, a challenge to the manhood of the bullfighter. In Luis's painting, the bull is emerging from this almost architectural type place and he is coming at us with fierce determination. I absolutely love the warm golden colors. It does bring back memories of me in Mexico when I went running out of the bullfight because I couldn't bare to see the bull being tortured. Luis's painting luckily does not depict that, but shows the bull in all his furociousness despite his vulnerabilities. It is a very sensitive painting, with colors that show passion and love.

-Carol Fischer-Rosenthal