Alastair Mackie

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untitled (lansallos), 2011 © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
Copse, 2011 Pine Trees. 27 Pine Trees Have Been Removed From a Plantation. in to Each a Furniture Leg Has Been Turned and on Which the Trees Now Stand. Dimensions Variable © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
Amorphous Organic, 2009 5000 Year Old Bog Oak, Light Box, Glass, Battery, Brass, Copal, Resin, Insects 32 Chess Pieces: Tallest - 8.5 X 5cm, Smallest - 4 X 3.5cm Table - 73cm 70cm X 70cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
Mimetes Anon , 2009 Bronze.the Title Refers to a Synonym for the Chimpanzee Originated in the 1820s (mimetes – From the Greek Word Meaning 'to Imitate', Anon - at an Unspecified Future Time) 82cmx 52cm X 50cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
Untitled (Sphere) , 2008 Mouse Skulls, Wood, Glass . Having Swallowed Its Prey Whole, the Owls Digestive System Will Extract Any Nutrition. the Indigestible Parts Are Then Regurgitated as a Compressed Pellet. From These the Skulls Are Extracted and the Sculpture Is Built 40cm X 35cm X 35cm © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
House , 2008 Wasp Nests, Steel and Glass Base 235cm X 125cm X 100cm © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
Metamorphoses , 2009 1930's Taxidermy Display Bell Jar, Mirror, Wooden Base. a 1930's Taxidermy Display Bell Jar Has Been Transformed Into a Mirroring Structure, Using a Traditional Technique of Mixing Silver Nitrate and Copper Sulphate. 176cm X 43cm X 43cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
A is to B as B is to C, 2010 Wasp Nests 64cm X 45cm X 17cm © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
shapeshifter, 2010 Matchsticks. According to a Strict Unidirectional Pattern Approximately 120,000 Matchsticks Have Been Used to Create a ‘blank'. From This the Piece Was Carved 214 X 114 X 54 Cm © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
bi polar, 2006 M1 US Army Helmet / Laser Cut Fretwork Pattern 28 X 25 X 16 Cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
Untitled, 2009 Mouse Skeletons, Mouse Fur, Loom, Concrete Dimensions Variable © Courtesy All Visual Arts / Photo by Tessa Angus
so linear, 2011 Ostrich Eggs and Wenge. 30 Ostrich Eggs Have Been Contained Within a Wooden Structure 94.5cm X 79cm X 23cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
untitled (hornet panel), 2011 Hornet Heads, Pins, Wood, Frame. Sourced as a Bi-product of Allergen Collectors 1000 Hornet Heads Have Been Presented on Pins According to a Grid 74cm X 58cm X 5cm © Alastair Mackie / All Visual Arts
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London & Cornwall
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London & Cornwall
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mixed-media, installation, sculpture


Born 1977 Lives and works in Cornwall


solo exhibitions


Copse, All Visual Arts, London

I was there, in Archadia, Pertwee Anderson and Gold, London


Mimetes Anon, The Economist Plaza, London

Not Waving but Drowning, The David Roberts Foundation, London


Sticks and Stones, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica


Terror Firma, MW Projects, London


selected group exhibitions


Memories of the Future, La Maison Rouge, Paris

Restless Nature, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall

House of Beasts, Attingham Park, Shropshire

Polemically Small, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

Identity Theft, Mimmoscognamiglio Arte Contemporanea, Milan


Vanitas: The Transience of Earthly Pleasures

All Visual Arts, 33 Portland Place, London

Locus Solus, Benaki Museum, Athens

Living in Evolution – Busan Biennale, Busan Museum of Modern Art, South Korea

Crucible, Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester

Lust for Life and Dance of Death: Works from The Olbricht Collection, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria

Passion Fruits, Me Collectors Room, Berlin

Dead or Alive, Museum of Arts and Design, New York

The Art of Chess, Dox Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

Wonderland, Assab One, Milan


The Age of the Marvellous, All Visual Arts, One Marylebone, London

Distortion, Gervasuti Foundation, Venice

The Art of Chess, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik


Still life, still, T1&2 Gallery, London

The Avatar of Sacred Discontent, 9 Hillgate Street, London

Nature and Society // Parallel Lines, Ethnographic Museum, Dubrovnik

Says the Junk in the Yard, Flowers East, London

Conflict: Contemporary artists making work in response to war and world events, 20 – 21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Obstacle - New UK Sculpture, Spectacle, Birmingham

ARTfutures, Bloomberg Space, London

Waste & the Lost World: Memento Mori, The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology HQ, London


Houses in motion, Fieldgate Gallery, London

Monochromed 2 – White Out, Fine Art Society, London

Panpoticon, Bearspace, 154 Deptford High Street, London


If you go down to the woods today, Rockwell, London

Selected Sculpture, Max Wigram Gallery, London

New Blood, Saatchi Gallery, London

Esoterica, Ibid Projects, London

Born, Cry, Shit, Fuck, Die, Rockwell, London


Sartorial, England and Co., London

The Map is Not the Territory part 3, James Hockey Gallery, The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury