Alimi Adewale

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Divergent View I, 2013 Oil On Canvas 39 By 39 Inches
Virtuous I, 2013 Oil, Acrylic News Print And Charcoal On Canvas 24 By 36 Inches
Metamorphosis I, 2013 Oil On Canvas 39 By 39 Inches
Lineament II, 2013 Oil On Canvas 39 By 50 Inches
Metropolis I, 2013 Oil, Newsprint On Canvas 48 By 48 Inches
Story Board, 2013 Oil, Crayon, Newsprint & Charcoal On Canvas 40 By 50 Inches
Virtouos III, 2013 Oil, Newsprint, Charcoal On Canvas 24 By 36 Inches
The Look, 2013 Oil, Newsprint Car Paint On Canvas 30 By 48 Inches
Words in Abstraction, 2013 Car Paint, Newsprint And Oil On Canvas 16 By 16 Inches
Words in Abstraction, 2012 Oil And Charcoal On Canvas 50 By 70 Inches
Metamorphosis II, 2013 Oil On Canvas 39 By 39
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mixed-media, installation, landscape, modern, figurative, conceptual
Artist Statement

Alimi's  distinct oeuvre,  characterized by its heterogeneity of palette and genre makes painting its  subject as well as its medium unique. His indifference in working in abstraction,  and figuration enables a unique dialogue amid styles. In a process reminiscent  of the expressionists, one method seemingly spontaneously and another playful  dancing strokes which become the foundation for a bold field of color. Alimi has never been interested in focusing on his African identity in his art, rather he has been inspired by Abex.

        Alimi's uses images primarily from newspapers, magazines, the internet, book, and film stills his deconstruction of the images removes bias and invites interpretation. Atimes Alimi seeks to personalize urban issues and allude to the lives of everyday city people, which are often neglected in the drive toward excessive urbanization, rapid modern development and the growing global economy.

His painting style is unique in that he warps and reconstructs his images with thin layers of paint often section by section in an array of colors, giving the final work an abstract and ambiguous message that is left up to the interpretation of the viewer. The sections are completed methodically from top left to bottom right, giving the finished pieces a collage-like appearance.

The details of the original photograph are erased while the figures are emphasized, allowing the painting to appear as either emerging or disappearing. Alimi uses strictly palette knife to create his artwork, though many of his paintings display a variety of textures and techniques .

Alimi Adewale was born on 8th of May 1974. An Engineering graduate went through an apprenticeship / studio practice more than a decade ago under the  painter Kamoru Sarumi . Alimi’s works has evolved since then into his  own unique signature.