Michael Gunn

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Afternoon Tea, 1996 Oil On Canvas/Oleo Su Tela 76 X 63 Cm © Michael Gunn
Baltic Dream, 1997 Oil On Canvas/Oleo Su Tela 51 X 41 Cm © Michael Gunn
Smile please!, 1998 Pencil, Watercolour And Gouache On Paper 41 X 29 Cm © Michael Gunn
Soledad, 1995 Oil On Canvas 60.5 X 51 Cm © Michael Gunn
Waiting for you, 2003 Oil On Masonite 40.7 X 27.4 Cm © Michael Gunn
Forty-two, 2003 Tempera And Oil On Panel 18.2 X 15.4 Cm © Michael Gunn
The Enigma of Time, 2005 Oil On Canvas 25.4 X 20.5 Cm © Michael Gunn
Still life with rhum bottle, 1999 Oil On Canvas 55.8 X 46 Cm © Michael Gunn
Golgotha I, Study for larger painting, 1995 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 65 X 52 Cm © Michael Gunn
My Scottish deerhound, Torquil Geltsdale Shieldaig, 1985 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 30 X 26 Cm © Michael Gunn
Bar du Marche, Soho, London, 2005 Oil On Canvas 76.3 X 51 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 001 Pencil On Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
Portrait of the artist Robert Bloomfield, 19twidleythree Pencil And Watercolour On Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 002 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 003 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 004 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 005 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 29 X 20 Cm © Michael Gunn
Nude 006 Pencil On Cartridge Paper 35.5 X 25 Cm © Michael Gunn
ICU Oil On Gesso Panel 17.5 X 12.5 Cm © Michael Gunn
Thinking Oil On Masonite 43.2 X 30.5 Cm © Michael Gunn
Man of Sorrows Pencil And Red Ink On Cartridge Paper 23.7 X 18 Cm © Michaelv Gunn
Tombstone skull Oil On Panel 22 X 15 Cm © Michael Gunn
Vicky playing House of Cards Charcoal And Watcolour Wash On Cartridge Paper 41.7 X 29.8 Cm © Michael Gunn
Vicky contemplating Bede Oil On Canvas 30.5 X 25.4 © Michael Gunn
My cat Ishtar Japanese Ink On Cartridge Paper 30 X 26 Cm © Michael Gunn
Lust on a thorntree, red and black, 2010 Digital Photography Super A3 © Michael Gunn
Red and Dead, 2010 Digital Photography Super A3 © Michael Gunn
Sogno di Francesca (unfinished), 2010 Oil On Canvas 91 X 61 Cm
Gwyneth's dream (unfinished), 2010 Oil On Canvas 76 X 61 Cm
Sogno di Katia (unfinished), 2009 Oil On Canvas 76 X 61 Cm
Inferno, 2003 Oil On Board 61 X 51 Cm © Michael Gunn
Maya's Garden, 2009 Oil On Canvas 76 X 61 Cm © Michael Gunn
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, study 03, 2009 Watercolour And Gouache On Board 38.5 X 27 Cm © Michael Gunn
The moving finger writes..., 2009 Oil On Canvas 76 X 51 Cm © Michael Gunn
Still life with pomegranate, 2009 Oil On Canvas 76.3 X 50.8 Cm © Michael Gunn
Portrait of Ratti Khan, 19something Charcoal And White Chalk On Paper 10 X 8 © Michael Gunn
Purgatorio, 2000 Oil On Board 61 X 51 Cm © Michael Gunn
Castello di Poppiano, Toscana, 2001 Oil On Canvas 76 X 61 Cm © Michael Gunn
Highland Madonna, 1999 Tempera And Oil On Panel 28 X 20 Cm © Michael Gunn
Still life, Chianti bottle, 1999 Oil On Board 50.5 X 40 Cm © Michael Gunn
Tryptich 1, 1997 Oil On Board 20 X 14 Cm © Michael Gunn
Tryptich 2, 1997 Oil On Board 20 X 14 Cm © Michael Gunn
Tryptich 3, 1997 Oil On Board 18 X 14 Cm © Michael Gunn
Sogno di Lucia, 2011 Oil On Canvas 76 X 61 Cm © Michael Gunn
Notice Board 1, 2011 Collage, Silver Point, Mixed Media 56 X 36 Cm © Michael Gunn
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Photographer painting, poet, writer surrealism drawing, figurative

Michael J. Gunn was born to a Scottish father and an English mother and his early childhood was divided between Central London and the Northern Highlands of Scotland - two very wildly different landscapes and cultures whose diversity has greatly influenced the artist's life and work.

The artist was taught to draw at a very early age by his father, who was also a poet. Educated at Scottish and English primary schools and a London grammar school, he attended Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts (now University of the Arts London) where he studied fine art and life drawing.

His earliest influence came from the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, most of which he had copied in pen and ink, pencil and chalk by the age of 15. His favourite Leonardo painting is the Virgin of the Rocks (both versions). Following this the works of Jan van Eyck, Matthiaas Grunewald, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch and the Breughels, together with Pieter de Hoogh and  Johannes Vermeer formed important and fruitful areas of study and influence. Of the impressionists J.M.W. Turner (yes - Turner!), Cezanne and Sisley are favourites, whilst the works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Katsushika Hokusai and Vincent van Gogh provided an added dimension to my studies, as did the works of the Cubists Georges Braque and Juan Gris. Amadeo Modigliani's powerfully erotic nudes are particularly admired.

In addition to the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci the artist's studies continued with Cennino Cennini's Il Libro del Arte and Piero della Francesca's De Prospectiva Pingendi together with modern manuals on the art and science of painting.

The artist soon came to know the works of the Surrealists, in particular the paintings of Giorgio de Chirico, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali - the last of whom was second only in influence to that of Leonardo. Since childhood Michael Gunn had produced drawings of a surreal nature and the discovery of their works was a revelation to him. Since that time he has consistently produced paintings and drawings in the Surrealist style.

Of living painters his favourites are Denis A. Dowland, Agustino Arrivabene, Sandor Badacsonyi, Quimet Sabate and Alan King. He also greatly admires the Udinese painter Mirka Mantoani Sopracasa for the lightness and playfulness of her paintings which provide a welcome relief from the somewhat sombre aspects of his own Surrealist art.

All this artist's works are available as Digital Giclee prints.