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Influenta ei a vazut in acest, 2010 Oil And Mixed Media On Transparency 14 X11 © © PLEASANT
Bucureşti, 2010 Oil On Canvas 26x26x4 Inches © PLEASANT
Quick Facts
southeastern usa
Birth year
19 . 12 . 1974
Works in
Europe and nyc
School of Visual Arts New York (SVA)
Representing galleries
GO Gallery Amsterdam, Octava Gallery, Sweden
PLEASANT mixed-media installation realism mixed-media installation realism, performance, surrealism, modern, photography, graffiti/street-art, figurative, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

.About artist PLEASANT


Pleasant originates from the southeastern United States and is an alumnus of School of Visual Arts. After originally being accepted into the Rhode Island College of Art and Design. Pleasant later arrived to Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, where during the summer long pre college orientation program. He later decided that New York City was the place to be. This decision later led to his acceptance into the renowned New York School of Visual Arts.

A former member of the downtown New York City Gatien era club kid scene of the mid 1990’s, Pleasant’s element of shock is documented in the form of his ‘Unknown’ masked persona that is implicit in his art.

Soaking up influences from New York City's East Village guerilla art scene to London and Berlin's art scenes. With this influence Pleasant has developed his own style and has gone on to exhibit and or collaborate with various fine artists and graffiti writers. Some of which have included Stefan Eins (Austria/NYC -Fashion Moda), Makoto Fujimura (Nyc/Tokyo) and The London Police. Pleasant's grandfather David Carter was a widely recognized sculptor who exhibited at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Pleasant's father was a recognized regional painter in American state of Georgia. Pleasant has created his own enigmatic style. His current work has evolved over the years into an unusual blend of various styles and mediums that push the barriers of what is deemed "acceptable".

Pleasant studied under the tutelages of Illustrator Jack Potter and New York abstract painter Michael Goldberg. Over the years he has met many notable influentual people who have influenced his work.

Pleasant has also traveled the globe for over fifteen years. Having resided for extended periods of time in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and other locales. His various travels have helped to inspire him in his art creations and introduce a dimension of genuineness and real life experience into his paintings, installation and graphic design art works.


"I feel that aspects of who I am are unimportant where the art is concerned. I, in a way, take myself out of the art, yet at the same time I project a neutral yet direct influence into the work. I exist but do not exist, I can not be judged by looks as I have none.

The artist is currently representedn in the European Union.