Daniel Nevers

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  ArtSlant's editor, Georgia Fee, visited with Daniel Nevers while he was installing his project, Laughing on the Inside, while in residency at Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA.  The following conversation resulted from this meeting. Georgia Fee:  In talking about your process, you mentioned that you want the viewer to be unsettled by your work, both physically and psychologically.  Is this element of discomfort key to your practice? What about this state interests you?  Daniel... [more]
This fall, Southern Explores transforms its 14th Street Gallery into a workspace/laboratory for four evolving resident artists. Forsake the diet, Brion Nuda Rosch arrives with his nomadic "Portable Ice Cream Stand," a magnet for social gatherings and children everywhere that offers that crowning achievement of Western civilization, ice cream, September 15- October 11; "Glasshouse," a collaboration between Kamou Patton and Suzy Poling, explores the 3-D effects of lenticular screens and light in... [more]