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John Coltrane Painting Oil 30x48 © ©2008
ALOOF, © 2002 Mixed Paper Acrylic Oil © © 2002
The Kiss , © 2002 © © 2002
Blue Funk , 2005© Edition Prints Only Www.Cwaughart.Com © © 2005
in time, $1,200 Paper Oil 8x10 © © 2004
The Player, 2004 Oil 16x20 © ©2004
The RED BASS, 2002 Oil $4,500 © © 2002
HEAT, 2002© Oil $10,000 © 2002©
ReuniteD , 04/04/2008 Oil Acrylic Paper ( Mix ) 30x40 © ©2008
Drum Thang © 2008©
Village Ghetto Land, 2012 On Paper @1000.000 © 2012
nina, 2012 18x24 $1000.000 © 2012
famila, 12-2011 $10,000 18x24 © 2011
birds and breerd, 2012 16x20 $5000
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10 27 67
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Venice Beach CA
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Venice Beach CA
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mixed-media, graffiti/street-art, figurative


Aaron Waugh, born in New Jersey and raised in Pasadena, California, is a self-taught Abstractionist Figure Painter.

His Works have been exhibited worldwide , & recognized for their bold and vibrant colors.

As a kid, he painted on whatever he could get his hands on; such as scrap wood, newspapers, maps, and canvas. As a teenager, others began to take notice and commission his paintings. Waugh then began to express himself more by painting full-time; selling original paintings and fine edition prints. 
Today Waugh is known for his typography expression style of figurative paintings and Jazz and Blues musician paintings. Having had numerous one-man exhibitions around the world over the years, Waugh has established an international following.  As a result of such success, the demand for Aaron’s work is greater than ever. His art is on exhibit in many galleries around the world in countries such as Europe and Australia; as well as throughout the United States. In the Southern California area, you can see his work at UCLA Medical Center and businesses throughout Los Angeles. 
“Exploring the schools of higher learning like the Bible, poetry, silence of the mind of negativity and true knowledge of myself, I found myself tapping into a much deeper world of artistry continuing today,” Waugh says. 
His client list also includes Hurley, Concord Records, MCA Records, HBO, The Long Beach Museum of Art, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a long list of personal art collectors and celebrities. Aaron Waugh’s work is currently shown weekly on the hit Lifetime television show “Love Spring International.”
“The viewer is free to draw up it's own conclusions of my works. It allows one to exercise an independent mind and use the imagination. In other words, there are many possible meanings, but we are free to choose our own. I'm just a painter exploring OUT of the BOX." 
Aaron Waugh Paintings are collected by celebrities, private collectors & art lovers Worldwide,

He is widely recognized as one of the most versatile & fastest rising artists of our time..

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