Jania Vanderwerff

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Wiser Lake , 2005 Oil On Canvas 48" X 36"
Wiser Lake 5, 2009 Oil On Canvas 24" X 12"
Wiser Lake 9, 2010 Oil On Canvas 42" X 28"
Quick Facts


My work is a documentation of experience. I contemplate and distill sound, movement, events, or location into images. Through paintings, sketches and photographs... all a visual communion, informed by the past and present. Part of being one of a kind souls in the world is that even our shared experiences are expressed uniquely. A painting is the product of my heart and mind. Skill combined with expressive power of the soul. Mark making.... peaceful and contemplative.

My work is very organic, it is natural for me to make paintings. From the beginning of the work to end product, it is all my work. My hand, my process .... heart to hand and hand to brush. These paintings are a record of my place in the world and a documentation of the increasingly Spiritual and reflective mood of painting.