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Beatriz Santiago Muñoz is interested in questions of place: what do people make of places? How can we represent that? In the San Juan-based artist’s work the sense of place—and the embodied experience of social, ecological, and political histories—asserts itself in powerful ways. Her films and videos have an attachment to a sensorial reality and materiality, as well the imagining of possible futures, elements intrinsic to perceiving places in a new and different way. This March Santiago... [more]
Highlights and Surprises: A First Look at EXPO Chicago 2015   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at EXPO CHICAGO September 17th, 2015 - September 20th, 2015
Posted 9/18/15
In its fourth edition, EXPO Chicago has shown considerable institutional growth, adding new programs and publications, and expanding from 125 galleries in 2012 to 140 from 16 countries in 2015. A few months ago, signs promoting the fair popped up all around the city, boosting expectations for art lovers. Although EXPO is open to the public for just three days, the week of September 14-20—now referred as the EXPO Art Week—is one of the Chicago art scene’s busiest times of the year. Collectors,... [more]
—Steve Shaviro, Doom Patrols [1]    Tell it to the Birds is an interactive project by Chicago-based artist and activist Jenny Kendler in collaboration with her software developer husband, Brian Kirkbride. Created as Artist-in-Residence with environmental advocacy non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Tell it to the Birds debuted last year at NRDC's booth at EXPO Chicago, the contemporary art fair held each year on Chicago's Navy Pier. The second iteration of this project took... [more]
—Alejandro Puente, 1968   Argentine artist Alejandro Puente (La Plata, 1933-2013) was interested in two (of the many) definitions of the word system: “system as totality” and “generating system.” According to Puente, “in the first case, the word system makes reference to a holistic consideration of a given thing. In the second, the word system makes no reference whatsoever to things, but rather to the interplay of parts and rules of combination capable of generating many things.” Puente’s... [more]
It was once common to assume that artists avoid participating in the corporate world—presuming that the art world is separated from the rest, with utopian and improbable ideals. However, the dividing line between an artist and a businessperson has never been that clear, and it's only becoming more complicated. Creativity used to be seen as something unique to artists and designers, but recently­­—with the “new economy” and a restructured labor market—creativity is considered necessary, an... [more]
The Making of Violence: Doris Salcedo at the MCA Chicago   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Doris Salcedo at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) February 21st, 2015 - May 24th, 2015
Posted 2/25/15
Internationally acclaimed artist Doris Salcedo opened her first US museum retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) last week to great anticipation: Latin Americanists had been anxiously awaiting the opening of the Bogotá-born artist’s survey, and it seemed all of Chicago was enthusiastic as well. Co-curated by MCA Director Madeleine Grynsztejn, Curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm, and with assistance from Steven L. Bridges, the exhibition presents Salcedo’s large body of work... [more]
For its 2015 edition, contemporary art fair ARCOmadrid invited Colombia as its guest "focus" nation. Included among the 20 young artists selected by curator Juan Andrés Gaitán for the "Arco Colombia" special exhibition sector is the talented Bogotá-based Angélica María Zorrilla. Represented by Galería Sextante, Bogotá, Zorrilla presents two series of drawings for one of the Focus Colombia exhibitions titled (“In Front of the Other: Drawings in Post-conflict”). Zorilla’s works are... [more]
In 2015, museums, galleries and other art spaces will be packed with Latin American art. The global art world is increasingly interested in the southern continent, where solo and group shows of Latin American artists are more and more common. Not only artists from Latin America, but also ones from Africa and Southeast Asia have slowly started to exhibit, publish, and exert more influence in the international circuits. However, one should ask, why do such categories matter? Can be called... [more]
Longing for Flight: Sarah Charlesworth’s Stills   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Sarah Charlesworth at The Art Institute of Chicago September 18th, 2014 - January 4th, 2015
Posted 10/10/14
“Falling, rushing, ruining! buried in the ruins, on Urthona's dens” – William Blake, , 1790-1793.   Icarus’ father Daedalus made him wings and warned him not to fly too close to the sun. But Icarus, ecstatic with the ability to fly, forgot his father’s caution—the feathers came loose and Icarus descended to his death in the sea. This Greek myth can be literally interpreted as the human desire to overcome his or her limits. In psychology, to put it simply, this myth has been understood as a... [more]
The Middle as a Means to an End: The Chicago Effect at the Hyde Park Art Center   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
Marissa Lee Benedict, Robert Burnier, Devon Dikeou, Essex/Olivares, Assaf Evron, Jamie Hayes, Patrick Meagher, Michael Smith, Jan Tichy, Lan Tuazon at Hyde Park Art Center August 24th, 2014 - November 23rd, 2014
Posted 9/4/14
In the forward-thinking exhibition , curators Allison Peters Quinn, Christopher K. Ho, and Megha Ralapati explore the notion of the Middle, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Hyde Park Art Center (the “Center”). Of course, defining the middle is not an easy task. The mere attempt to define “it” and its ubiquity is confusing—but this exact confusion makes the experience of the show all the more intriguing. In the instance of the exhibition, which comprises ten artists’ works and... [more]
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