Elizabeth James

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Colour in Motion 1231, 2012 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2012
Colour in Motion 7747, 2011 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2011
Colour in Motion 0248, 2011 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2011
Colour in Motion 3121, 2012 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2012
Colour in Motion 3712, 2012 Photography 84.1 X 118.9 © ©ElizabethJames2012
Colour in Motion 1061, 2011 Photography 84.1 X 118.9 © ©ElizabethJames2011
Colour in Motion 2684, 2012 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2012
Colour in Motion 3434, 2012 Photography 118.9 X84.1
Colour in Motion 7700, 2011 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2011
Colour in Motion 7728, 2011 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2011
Colour in Motion 7730, 2011 Photography 118.9 X84.1 © ©ElizabethJames2011
© ©ElizabethJames
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Richmond Upon Thames UK
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Harlesden Gallery, Debut Contemporary
Water, Colour in Motion, Elizabeth James Art, Barcelona Showcase 2012, Uffizi Pop up exhibition, Espacio Gallery, Gallery-Photography-, abstract figurative modern, fine art, Elizabeth James Art. Photography. debut contemporary, giclee link, Erin Pizzey, mixed-media. modern. digita.l graffiti/street-art landscape, red gate gallery, Orleans House Gallery, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance
Elizabeth James Art


 I am a signed artist with Giclee Link Art Publishers - Giclee Link 


part of the Debut Contemporary collective

Artist Statement


I was drawn to photography as a child when I was given my first automatic camera aged 9 years

The art form of photographic expression has assisted my journey of self discovery and aspirations.

My work often involves taking a closer look, viewing the world from a different perspective, up close and personal. Simplifying, highlighting, showcasing and simply conveying the atmosphere in an instant often missed by the naked eye. 

The outcome is a personal exploration of my subject matter.

I am always aiming for the point at which form, function and meaning intersect seamlessly. Capturing the visual rhythms in natural flow is a way of gaining a glimpse of our environment we barely notice or have words for but connects us all.

I feel my strength, as a photographer is not so much in creating something new, but in bringing to the fore how things are.

 Colour in Motion

 explores my favourite subject water; my approach to this 
subject is varied and often experimental.

I have spent many years 
experimenting and observing closely its many varied forms it adopts in different circumstances. 

Capturing my findings has 
allowed me to study and record colour in motion, it’s 
transforming shapes & colours as it freely takes its own direction and 


The colours themselves, carrying little or no commitment to the ebb and flow of 
the water as it

takes on the body of life; taking us out of our sphere of 
influence and bringing others in to it.


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