Darpana Kapil

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Two Bulls, 2012 Pastel And Ink On Paper. 62" X 42" Approx
Bulls 3, 2012 Pastel And Ink On Paper. 40" X 26"
Bulls 4, 2012 Pastel And Ink On Paper. 40" X 26"
Bulls 4, 2012 Pastel And Ink On Paper. 40" X 26"
Artist statement
Artist statement
Quick Facts
surrealism, modern, traditional
My Art in Words.

An expression of my Art in words seems ironic, since Art is my escape from the tyranny of words. I often find that when I try to convey feelings, thoughts, or views through speaking or writing their essence just seems to evaporate. Therefore, I draw and color to artistically vocalize my temperament; as words prove an insufficient means to do so!

The source of my work is inextricably related to my myriad interests and my experiences – my being. It is borne out of my travel & Art studies, my meanderings between various worlds & various cultures – the one I inhabit now, the Eastern one I grew up in (India)…
I find immense enjoyment and intellectual enrichment in seeing diverse places and meeting its many people; these human experiences influence my visual consciousness and I strive to honor these relationships through my Art.

Working pigments with fingers on paper is my preferred way of creating Artwork; I’m able to get even closer to my subjects that way. I primarily use pastels and Charcoal, sometimes with addition of ink washes, spices & coffee. I use color to add vigor and intensity, and make attempts to balance strong lines, which assert themselves freely and whimsically in my work, with the use of pigments.

I work devotedly to achieve the effect I’m after: temporal, fecund, and passionate! Since each artwork is a special journey, a pilgrimage, the end of the process suggests itself organically..