Ruth Abernethy

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Canadiana #1, 2005 Laser Cut Steel, Wood 32” X 12” X 2.5”
One Basket, 2007 Laser Cut Steel Three Stainless Steel Patterned Eggs In Galvanized Wire Nest Each Egg 24" Long
Moebius Stripper, 2003 Stainless Steel 32" High Mounted On 12" Swivel Stand
Heroes Wanted, 2007 Giclee Print On Linen 22" X 12"
Preservance, 2006 Styrene/Wax,Gesso,Rope 45" X 28" X 5"
Nuptuals #1, 2005 Hand Tatted Cotton Lace, Silk/Acetate Insert Steel Spike In Cedar 18”X 6” X 5.5”
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Lindsay, ON
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Paula Diamond Gallery

Ruth's solo art career was launched following twenty years of
professional prop management and building for theatre and film.
Thorough grounding in all aspects of creation, fabrication and
presentation was an invaluable apprenticeship. Deft competency
with a variety of mediums allows Ruth immense sculptural freedom.

Given the impermanent nature of performance properties, stainless steel
and bronze were the initial materials of choice. Well versed in figurative
sculpture and detailed character observation, Ruth has enjoyed numerous
portrait commissions, large and small, public and private.  The success of
these portraits is rooted in capturing individual animation, body language
and facial expression. In short, creating a 'moment', as well as a likeness.

Ruth was the first Canadian exhibitor selected for inclusion by Sculpture-
by-the-Sea 2005, in Sydney, Australia where she received a bursary from
the Canadian Consulate. The new Canadian Portrait Gallery, opening in
Ottawa in 2007, acquired her bronze portrait bust of Al Waxman. Other
pieces are in private collections in England, France, Italy and Australia.

Beyond portraiture, Ruth's interests lie in public installation and creating
art for personal landscapes on a large scale. In the public venue, Ruth
explores the element of encounter,  attempting to create works with broad
appeal without sacrificing content. Her current studio work examines the

'emotional artchitecture' of human interaction,connection and intention.