Lange Sykes

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One Love, 2007 Acrylic, Seashells, Sea Glass, Rolling Papers 35" X 37" © 2007
Clown Fish in Anemone, 2006 Bronze 14' X 16" © 2006
Marlin, 2006 Bronze 18" © 2006
Tarpon Out Of Water, April 2008 Bronze 42" © 2008
Tarpon On Light Tackle, April 2008 Resin 15" X 14" X 108" © 2008
Drywall Daydream, April 2008 Sculptural Foam, Fiberglass, Bondo 62" X 40" X 34" Approx © 2008
Ransomed Senior Show, Opening April 10th 2008 Mixed Several © 2008
Drywall Daydream, April 2008 Sculptural Foam, Fiberglass, Bondo 37"x 12" © 2008
Quick Facts
Birth year
Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, 2008, Fine Arts
bob, Marley, marine, Fishermen, sculpture-bronze, sculptures, mixed-media, realism, figurative, sculpture

The inspiration for most of the work I create is derived from my love of, and fascination with, the ocean. From Vero Beach Florida, to Malibu, the majority of my life thus far has been spent on the water, cultivating a love, admiration, and respect for nature. The constant onslaught of trivial endeavors we face day-to-day in our world above, only make me appreciate more, the harsh simplicity and absolute perfection of the world below sea level. The fleeting moments of time spent in that perfect world are the inspiration for the things I create. I can only hope that by sharing my reverence for one of the greatest resources God has given us, I can in some way help others to foster an appreciation and sense of obligation to protect a world run more efficiently than ours.