Jasna Dragun

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Portrait, 2011 Photo 30x21cm © Jasna Dragun
Ada River, 2005 Watercolor 27x40,5cm
At the opening of the exhibition
Quick Facts
Tovarnik (Vukovar), Croatia
Birth year
Lives in
Sesvete, Croatia
Works in
Sesvete, Croatia
Classical High School, graduated
IT, Computer operator certification
impressionism painting mixed-media painting drawing, mixed-media, photography, exhibition/performance

Jasna Dragun was born in Tovarnik (Vukovar), Croatia. She traveled throughout Europe as a member of the cultural and artistic society "Metkovic". In Zagreb, she is included in the joint work and activities of the group of artists gathered around of the Museum. The first solo exhibition of paintings and drawings "Impressions" is in the Gallery "Manor", Zagreb. She participated in several international and group exhibitions, juried exhibitions in the United States, VIII, IX and X International Exhibition "Women Painters" in Majdanpek, Serbia, 5. Zaprešić Watercolor Biennal '09. / '10., and 6. '11. / '12. At the International Exhibition and Competition in Contemporary Art, Lituanian ArtWeek, Vilnius, Lithuania, won 1st place in the landscape category and 3rd place in the watercolor category, participated in the AIR / HMC International Artists and 9 x 12 cm, the exhibition in Budapest, Hungary, the members HDLLU group exhibitions and solo exhibitions at the National University, Zagreb, 2011. Parcitipated in international art contest – exhibition „Confluence 12“, Galerie Art Eterne, New Delhi, (India), III. „VoVa”- MINIArt 2013. The international biennale of miniatures, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (8/2013). Won 2. place at the V. International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art at the ST.Petersburg's Art Week, Russia (7/2013).

Published in the book Croatian Neretva Bulletin 2 / '10., 4 / '12. And WWAB (International Dictionary of Artists), a member HDLLU (Croatian Association of Visual and literary artists), Zagreb.

Such a richly varied exhibition Jasna Dragun stems from its rich experience cognitive, aesthetic sensitivity and great devotion to fine arts. The author presents her inherent artistic vision, very courageous and consistent regardless of the technique or motive. We could say that there is no motive that is not worth its attention, on the contrary, she finds beauty in all, each a challenge and an inspiration for a new artistic expression. Expressing them in various techniques reveals her feelings for material property which allows to influence the character of the offense. Skillfully achieves transparency and freshness of watercolors, acrylics stability and fullness. In each work brings her personal experience seen, and by the same shows herself. She looks and sees the world around her, expressing admiration for each new opportunity and enjoy the way of artistic creativity.

Foreword to the catalog: Robert Topolovec Pulko, acad. painter

Current Exhibition:

My work will be shown of the digital exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach 2013 this December presented by See.Me

4 August 2013 - 25 country, 702 paintigs III. „VoVa”- MINIArt 2013. The international biennale of miniatures, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary 

July 01-07 2013. Won 2. place at the V. International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art at the ST.Petersburg's Art Week, Russia 

25. 07 - 10. 09. 2013. CreativesRising, New York City. Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002

28.12. 2012. – 31. 01. 2013: Annual Exhibition "Sesvete's artists and guests"

Prigorje Museum, Gallery "Kurija", Zagreb, Croatia