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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
Otis College of Art and Design, 1998, BFA
Representing galleries
Palm Desert, CA. Timothy Yarger Fine Art, CA, Imago Galleries, Beverly Hills
mixed-media, installation, sculpture
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Shana Mabari is an American contemporary artist based in Los Angeles who has exhibited in the United States and internationally.  Her work explores the intersections of art, science and technology.  Through sculptures, installations and environments, Mabari investigates ways in which worldly phenomena are absorbed and processed through sensory and visual perception. She orchestrates light, reflection, color contrast, and geometry with the intent to play with the experience of physical space.  

Mabari is part of the continuum of the Light and Space movement that originated in California in the 1960s. Her inspirations include James Turrell, Buckminster Fuller, and groundbreaking research by experts in the Vision Sciences at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, and the Institute of Neuroinformatics, Zurich, Switzerland, where’s she’s collaborated with world renowned vision scientists. 

Most recently, Mabari has five translucent and mirrored sculptures – from her “Diametros Petals” and new “Leukos Petals” series – installed in downtown Los Angeles offices of MATT Construction, whose high profile projects include The Broad museum. The exhibition is in affiliation with the Lancaster Museum of Art and History and was curated by MOAH’s Manager and Curator Andi Campognone.

“Leukos Petals” pieces are also currently on view at Imago Galleries in Palm Desert, first shown at the venue’s opening during Art Palm Springs and the first weekend of Modernism 2018.

In 2017, “Selected Works,” featuring ten sculptures spanning 2014-2016, was installed in the Blue Lobby at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood; it is on view through May 2018 as part of the PDC’s designLAb, an ongoing program curated by Helen Varola.  The exhibition includes several “Diametros Petals,” cube sculptures from Mabari’s “Illumetric” series of geometric sculptures, and the monumental “Illumetric Rectangle,” which stands ten feet tall.

Mabari’s “Astral Challenger,” a 20-foot-high rocket-shaped sculpture, was installed in Lancaster, CA in 2016.  The work was the first piece of public art commissioned by the City of Lancaster for its Art and Public places program, and remains at the site permanently. It was conceived as a monumental landmark for Lancaster in honor of the City’s achievements in the aerospace industry, and in commemoration of the 1986 space shuttle Challenger flight. The piece was featured in NASA’s official publication for its Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, CA. The sculpture is illuminated from dusk until dawn.  Previously in Lancaster, Mabari premiered her “Diametros Petals” series at MOAH in December 2015. 

Mabari’s 2014 public art project “ILLUMETRIC,” a triptych of massive diamond-, cube-, and rectangle-shaped sculptures, was created for the City of West Hollywood’s “Art on the Outside” program.  She worked with legendary fabricator Jack Brogan on the design concepts for the installation. Originally introduced in July 2014 for a one year period, ILLUMETRIC was extended through April 2016.  Mabari also received a WeHo@30 Film & Digital Media Grant to make Illumetric, a short film chronicling the project that premiered at the 2015 WeHo@30 Film Festival and Digital Time Capsule. 

Mabari was born in Los Angeles, California. She has traveled extensively, and lived in Paris, Northern India, and Tel Aviv.  Her education includes studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.  She holds a patent for the design of “Dynamic Spatial Illusions,” a portable version of a visual and sensory experimental environment. She is a recipient of the Center for Cultural Innovation ARC grant. 







1969        Lives and works in Los Angeles, California




1998         B.F.A. Otis College of Art and Design                 

1989-1990    École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

                     École Parsons à Paris

                     American University of Paris




2016              Astral Challenger, Lancaster, CA




2017                   Selected Works , Pacific Design Center Lobby, Los Angeles, CA

2015-2016         Diametros Petals, Museum of Art and History (MOAH), Lancaster, CA

2014-2016          ILLUMETRIC, Art on the Outside, West Hollywood, CA

2013                   INFINITY II, Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA




2018              Leukos Petals, MATT Construction, Los Angeles, CA

2018                   Leukos Petals and Diametros Petals, IMAGO Galleries, Palm Desert, CA

2017                    UN/CONSCIOUS. Gatzara, Ibiza, Spain

2016                    Surface, CMay Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2016-2017           Diametros Petals, IMAGO Galleries, Palm Desert, CA

2015                     GREEN, The Loft at Liz’s, Los Angeles, CA

2014- 2016          Cubes, IMAGO Galleries, Palm Desert, CA

2014- 2016          Diamond, CMay Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2014                     Cultural Excavation, Gallery 825-LAAA, Los Angeles, CA

2014                      Out There, Gallery 825-LAAA, West Hollywood, CA

2013                       Luminosity, The Loft at Liz’s, Los Angeles, CA

2012                      INFINITY, Gallery 825-LAAA, West Hollywood, CA

2011                      Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010                       SEE THRU, ICON, Los Angeles, CA

2010                       SEE THRU, Gallery 825-LAAA, Los Angeles, CA

2009                       The AFTERIMAGE Collective, L2kontemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2007                       Close Encounter-Science Meets Art, National Taiwan University, Taipei

2006                       Installation of Large Scale Optical Illusions, Vision Science Society, Sarasota, FL

2005                       Installation of Large Scale Optical Illusions, Vision Science Society, Sarasota, FL

2004                      Motion Induced Blindness, Caltech, Pasadena, CA                                                  

2003                       Dept of Industrial Design - Open House, Art Center, Pasadena, CA               

2003                       Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Telluride, CO

2001                       Trail Makers: A Sylvan Transformation, New Town, Pasadena, CA                                         

2000                       Art in Tents, New Town, Pasadena, CA

1998                       Travelers Exhibition, Rachael Stein Gallery, Tel Aviv            

1996                       Spiritual Worlds, New Delhi Cultural Center, India                     

1994                       Venice Art Detour, Nova Space, Venice, CA    

1993                       Urban Expressionism, Goddess Gallery, Los Angeles, CA      

1990                       Group Show, Paris, France




2018                         Diametros Petals, LA Art Show, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2017                         Diametros Petals, Art Aspen, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Aspen, CO

2015                         Tuple Series, Art Aspen, Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Aspen, CO

2013                         INFINITY II, Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA




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2015                         Illumetric – A Short Film. Editor. Brian Bennett. 2015, Weho@30 Film Festival

2013                         Shana Mabari: INIFINITY. Dir. Eric Minh Swenson. 2013, Eric Minh Swenson. Film.

2011                         Revealing SEE THRU: A Collaboration of Art and Science, Dir. Ginger Van Hook. 2011, California Institute of Technology. Film.

2003                         “Abstracted Biomorphic Pendulum”, Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop. Telluride, Colorado. 2003, Collaboration with Tobias       Delbruck and Mark Tilden. 




2010          Mays and Dr.Shimojo, Peter and Shinsuke. SEE THRU, exhibition catalogue, pg. 3-6 & 6-8, Los Angeles Art Association, Los     Angeles.

2004          Shimojo, Dr. Shinsuke.  “Perception: Large-scale demonstrations of Motion Induced Blindness and Vection.” Report of experiments     conducted using psychophysics installation, collaboration with Dr. Shinsuke Shimojo.

2003           Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop Report (“Neuro Institute out of Switzerland”). Abstract of Biomorphic Pendulum project created during the workshop. Telluride, CO

2001            Felt, Kevin. “Pieces in the Park: Lower Arroya Becomes Unique Outdoor Gallery,” pg.31, Trail Makers: A Sylvan Transformation, September 30, 2001, Pasadena Star-News




2005-2006        Vision Science Society. An annual meeting bringing together international experts in vision science; exhibited large-scale optical illusion environments.

2003-2004         Art Center College of Design,  Assistant Instructor of Graduate Industrial Design. Liaison for Office of Design Transfer.  Introduced and organized collaborations between design and technology students.

2003                 California Institute of Technology - Institute of Neuroinformatics & Salk Institute.

“Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop;” hosted leading researchers in biological, computational and engineering sciences. Contributed to conversations surrounding Bioethics and Roving Robots. Collaborated with Tobi Delbruck and Mark Tilden on Biomorphic Pendulum.

2003                 California Institute of Technology - Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering Retreat; addressed challenges in the Neuromorphic community and the advantages of artistic collaborations.




2004               Mabari, Shana and Dr.Shimojo, Shinsuke. “Dynamic Spatial Illusions,”

Caltech, Pasadena, CA, 2004.




2015                    WeHo@30 Film & Digital Media Grant

2013                    ARC Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles, CA

2003                     Neuromorph of the Year Award, Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Telluride, CO

1992-1994           Founding Member, Nova Space, nonprofit arts organization, Venice, CA

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