Kremena Nikolova

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Danse of Death © Temporary Artistic Zone
Clock of life Photo © Temporary Artistic Zone
Quick Facts

Kremena Nikolova was born in 1979 in Bulgaria and has been living and working in Paris since 2002. On graduating from Sofia University (Faculty of Slavic Studies), she went on to study at the Versailles Academy of Fine Arts and at the Ecole du Louvre, where she was tutored by the noted art historian Bernard Blistène.

Kremena Nikolova's work bears witness to the paradoxical relationship between remembrance and oblivion. Plunging through parallel strata of different temporalities, it transports us into strangely familiar landscapes inhabited by ghostly presences and shifting emotions. The figures are somehow unreal, shadows of an absent presence.

She draws on everyday images to construct the unconscious. In search of remembrance, of 'lost time', she uncovers a state of mind through which distant times are resurrected.

Kremena works in different fields and with a wide variety of media (photography, painting, writing, sculpture, theatre...) to convey her quest for memories, origins and identity.

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